Watch: Joe Biden Singles Out Small Girl At Dinner, What A Creep!

Joe Biden stirred up controversy this past weekend while attending a “Friendsgiving dinner” with service members. At the tail end of his speech, he singled out a 6-year-old in the crowd, proclaiming “I love your ears.”

Of course, he did… What a creep.

The moment, which was caught on camera, caused an uproar of outrage throughout social media. Many commenters described Biden’s actions as “creepy” and “inappropriate.”

Biden, who was attending the event with the First Lady as part of their Joining Forces Initiative, had thanked the attendees for their service before noting his son, Beau Biden, who had served in the Army. That’s when he spotted a child wearing stuffed animal ears and said, “I love your ears. I love them. They’re really cool.” He then asked the child her name, which she replied “Catherine.” A boy at the table quickly spoke up, stating that she was only 6-years-old.

“Four? You’re a pretty big guy. Well, I’ll tell you what, be nice to your sister. You’re going to need her someday, at least I did,” Biden added.



This is not the first time that Biden has sparked public outcry over his interactions with children. Earlier this year in July, Biden was recorded nibbling on a little Finnish girl’s shoulder during his departure from Helsinki, according to Fox News.

Social media users quickly took to the internet to express their disbelief at Biden’s behavior: “He just walked up to a random child and kissed her?! Creepy Joe Biden strikes again.” Another commented saying, “I don’t think Joe Biden should be around children, ever.”

It is unclear as to why Biden’s inappropriate and seemingly creepy behavior was allowed to continue, especially in the company of service members and their families. It remains to be seen what actions, if any, the White House will take to address the situation.

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