Should Janice Dean Forgive Andrew Cuomo For Trying To Ruin Her? Kathie Lee Gifford Says So

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean lost both of her inlaws under Andrew Cuomo’s mismanagement of COVID-19 and nursing homes in 2020. She was understandably upset and called out the former New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, for his role in their deaths. Cuomo never apologized for mishandling nursing home patients and was never held accountable for his actions.

Cuomo was actually never held accountable for anything. Even after it was discovered that he used his position, and his brother in the media, to try and ruin Dean. There were also tons of sexual harassment accusations against Cuomo by former staffers who presented proof of their interactions with the former Governor, but nothing was done.

Why? Because the District Attorney’s office refused to pick up the cases.

Now, Kathie Lee Gifford is urging Dean to forgive Cuomo ‘for her own good’. During a recorded interview, Gifford told Dean that she ‘needed’ to forgive Cuomo for herself.

“Pray that he comes to know Yeshua,” Gifford said on a new episode of “The Janice Dean Podcast.” “Pray that he becomes a good practicing Catholic like you are, goes back to his church, and you know, believes in something bigger than himself, believes in real justice, real righteousness.”

“If Jesus can forgive on the cross, you can forgive right now. All you have to do is say, ‘Thank you, Jesus…You have forgiven me for everything I have ever done. Lord, I choose to forgive him.’”

Following the deaths of both her in-laws in 2020, Dean began speaking out on then-Gov. Cuomo’s controversial policy ordering assisted-living facilities to accept COVID-positive patients in the early weeks of the pandemic. Last December, the New York Post reported Friday that fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, brother of Andrew Cuomo, was in close contact with the governor’s office and expressed his desire to target the Fox News star, according to a source.

Gifford explained that forgiveness is hard but that it’s something she has to do ‘for herself’.

“You have such hurts because you lost two people that are precious to you and you have this sense of justice now, not just for them, but for everybody who lost somebody they love,” she told Dean. “That shouldn’t change… You know what that’s called in the Bible? Righteous anger. Nobody had more of a right to be angry, righteously, than Jesus, but he stayed on that cross. He could have come down as they taunted him. He chose, he said ‘Father, forgive them.’ Right now, you can do it sweetie, and I don’t want you carrying this around anymore.”

Gifford also brought up her own family’s losses during the Holocaust and how her family was able to forgive the Nazis.

“The price you pay is awful, so much disease is based in loss, a lack of forgiveness and… if you can’t forgive, we can’t expect God to forgive us. Jesus said you’ve got to forgive or you can’t be forgiven,” she said. “You have to do it, darlin’ and you’ll just be so grateful. ‘Thank you, Jesus. I don’t want to carry this around.’”


Turn the other cheek? It’s normally a sentiment I agree with but for this? I don’t know. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. kathie lee can shut the hell up.

    she has no visible HALO and has no authority to demand others to perform in any certain manner.

    She is pretty, which is what got her married to a famous man wherein lies her access to cameras.

    THAT does not make her intelligent

  2. Forgive and Forget for ever lasting life with the Lord. I agree it is very hard to do, but it is the right thing to do for yourself. They will have their meeting with God and it will be He who decides their fate.

  3. While I understand Ms. Dean’s intense anger and righteous indignation, Kathy Lee is correct.
    Why would you allow that sniveling scumbag to live rent-free in your head? I started to get angry FOR her just reading this, but have to agree that long term unforgiveness is as corrosive as any acid and will eat you from the inside out. The release of the anger will take an enormous weight off her shoulders. That and the fact that Cuomo will ultimately have to answer to a MUCH higher authority than that moronic, entirely self-serving AG in New York for his acts.

  4. I guess against public opinion,I must say that forgiveness is a requirement to be forgiven ourselves. Tough? Yes, but totally necessary. There is no room for error here…some of Jesus’s last word were, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And that was spoken about to those that were killing Him. We have no excuse to not forgive those who do far less to us. Kathy Lee, keep speaking up for truth.

  5. That is Deans business….. no one unless they understand what they’ve been thru can talk about it. No demands but compassion……. I forgave someone of a great injustice against me, but I did It for me, I will never forget but I did forgive, now it’s between God and him!! She will deal with it in your own time……let it be!!

  6. Jesus told God to forgive them. Jesus did not say he forgave them. God is capable of forgiveness. Man is designed to make choices. That includes protecting and upholding the laws of mankind and of God. When we are dealing with the ungodly, it is righteous to not enable further damage to be done to the innocent.

  7. I agree with Kathy. I don’t like Cuomo at all and what he did was dispicable, but Jesus says to forgive all for their trespasses.

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