The Left Wants To Attack DeSantis-Florida’s LT Gov Came Out Swinging

You can tell that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a good leader for his state just by the curiosity in which his peers and supporters are willing to defend him. The left wants to attack DeSantis right now for flying 50 illegals to Martha’s Vinyard in MAssituseis but Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez came out the gate swinging:

“The governor, obviously the other day just said that very thing that he will be sending additional individuals to other locations. We received $12 million, and he made it very clear that he was going to spend every penny of those $12 million to protect Floridians. Because what we’re seeing is that fentanyl overdoses are the number one killer of individuals ages 18 to 45. Human trafficking is a major concern for our state.

We have had state strike force teams with law enforcement here in our state, and they have interdicted, and they have been able to arrest individuals, 38 charges of human smuggling, and 58 charges of drug trafficking. This is something that should concern every single Floridian, every single American. And the governor is going to use every tool at his disposal to address this crisis because the federal government and Joe Biden refuse to do so.”

In a speech on Thursday, a defiant DeSantis admitted that sending migrants to Democrat-controlled “sanctuary” cities and states was meant to taunt local leaders and stoke opposition to President Biden’s lax border policies.

“If you have folks who are inclined to think Florida is a good place (to live), our message to them is we are not a sanctuary state, and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction,” DeSantis told a crowd of supporters. “And yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures.”


Do you know what I don’t understand about liberals? It was okay for Biden to fly hundreds of illegals into Florida on secret overnight flights without consulting Florida. When he was busted by whistleblowers the left didn’t so much as flinch. Biden lied and said that these planes were full of ‘children’ even though video evidence proved otherwise. Hell, one of them went on to kill a Florida resident.

The peanut gallery was totally silent.

DeSantis returns the favor in a very small way in comparison and suddenly he’s ‘trafficking’ and needs to be arrested. What the hell was Biden doing? If sending illegals around the US free of charge on a plane with zero expectations that they will contribute in any way is considered trafficking—Then isn’t Biden the biggest human trafficker in history?

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  1. Every democrat in the state of Florida need to resign their position. Move their family to another state control by dumb people like them! First of ALL BIDEN VIOLATION THE CONSTITUTION LAWS, Second BIDEN WAS CHILD TRAFFICKING ACROSS THE BORDER! Third, Biden was flying these illegal immigrants into RED STATE without given permission from GOVERNOR! Fourth it IS IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT BIDEN JOB IS TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! WHICHBHE HAS REFUSED TO DO! THAT CALL FOR THE 25TH AMENDMENT TO IMPEACHMENT! And try for TREASONOUS AND SEDITION!

  2. 12 million? And who failed to READ THE BILLS? The type of democrat that pushing PORK MONEY IN THEIR PHONY BILLS! Hope the people of Florida are smart enough to vote OUT ALL DEMOCRAT! They could care less about your RIGHTS!

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