Trump Was ON FIRE In Ohio: ‘Thugs And Tyrants’ Have ‘Awoken A Sleeping Giant’

Trump was in Ohio to support Republican J.D. Vance over his opponent, Democrat Tim Ryan approximately fifty days before the midterms. Just based on the crowd alone, I think we can all see which way Ohio is going to vote. Trump shouted to the massive crowd this weekend saying that the ‘tyrants and thugs’ have ‘awoken a sleeping giant’.

Ohio will play a big role in how the 2024 elections turn out so the heat is on for Democrats but from the looks of things, they don’t stand a chance.

“We are a nation that has lost its way…but we will soon be a great nation again,” Trump declared. “It was hard-working patriots like you who built this country and it’s hard-working patriots like you, who are going to save our country. We will stand up to the radical left lunatics and RINOS and we will fight for America like no one has ever fought before. So with the help of everyone here today and citizens all across our land, we will make America…great again,” he stated.

“There’s a lot of bad news for our country, but there’s also a lot of hope,” Trump began in video footage of the rally obtained by C-Span. . “We need hope, we need competence because we certainly have not been getting it for two years,” he stated. Trump went on to say that Biden and Democrats in Congress were “ripping apart” the country and tearing the American dream “to shreds.”

Trump broke down the issues facing everyday Americans under the Biden Administration, listing record high inflation, soaring energy prices, supply chain shortages, increased crime, the “disappearing” southern border and increased government spending that is “pouring fuel on the inflation fire.” But Americans will no longer tolerate it, Trump said: “the thugs and tyrants attacking our movement, and there’s never been a movement even close in the history of the United States, have no idea of the sleeping giant that they have awoken.”


Trump’s appearance marks his first speech since federal district Judge Aileen Cannon denied a motion by the DOJ to access the classified documents that the FBI seized from his Mar-a-Lago residence last month, something Trump alluded to in his speech.

“For six straight years, I’ve been harassed, investigated, defamed, slandered, and persecuted like no other President…” Trump declared. “Yet all I have ever wanted, all we’ve ever fought for is simple – very simply – to make America great again,” he concluded. Despite all of what he has endured, Trump declared “they will never get me to stop fighting for you, the American people.”

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  1. What a great President! We need him now before we are a permanent socialist nation w/no freedoms, no rights and federal agents raiding our homes and businesses. The dems platform is complete control, no voice for the taxpayers. Billions going overseas under Biden while Americans lack formula for babies, food prices so high families cannot afford it, gas prices out of control; free money for college loans for millionaires whose kids are in college taking majors that do not pay while being brainwashed into the socialist/woke world of no return. Taxpayers footing the bill for millions of illegals who will vote dem and be on welfare forever! If we are such a racist/horrible country – why are they all coming here – TO LIVE ON WELFARE PD. BY THE WORKING AMERICANS – the elite have tax shelters.

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