Watch: MSM Nuts Claim Bible is Pornographic, Urges Beheadings in Schools Instead

CNN anchor Pamela Brown recently had an interview with Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters over his plan to introduce the teaching of the Bible in schools as a way to accurately educate students about American history. However, Brown seemed more focused on setting up straw men and attacking Walters than having a constructive conversation.

Throughout the interview, Brown continuously insinuated that Walters wanted to teach students about beheadings and claimed that the Bible is pornographic. However, Walters remained composed and redirected the conversation to the importance of teaching accurate history to students.

Despite Walters’ efforts to explain his intentions, Brown kept pressing him on whether he supported teaching about rape, incest, and beheadings. Instead of addressing Walters’ points, she seemed more interested in creating controversy and portraying him as a dangerous figure. It’s clear that Brown’s goal was to push her own agenda and discredit Walters’ plan without actually listening to his reasoning.

Walters repeatedly tried to emphasize that his main goal was to ensure that students learn about the influential role the Bible has played in American history. He noted that figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. often referenced the Bible in their work, and it’s important for students to understand this aspect of the country’s past.

Despite Walters’ explanations, Brown continued to disregard his points and persist in her accusations. At one point, she even laughed while asking him if he was okay with teaching rape and incest. Her willingness to discredit Walters and twist his words reveals her bias and refusal to have a genuine conversation.

It’s concerning that Brown chose to focus on controversial topics such as rape and incest instead of actually discussing the merits of adding Bible study into schools. It’s clear that she was more interested in creating a sensationalized story than informing the public about what the plan entails. Her disregard for facts and sensationalism is a disservice to her profession as a journalist and only adds to the narrative that liberal media outlets prioritize their own agenda over the truth.


Brown also attempted to equate the Bible with pornographic material, a ludicrous comparison. Walters quickly shut down this comparison, noting that the Bible is not comparable to any material that promotes sexuality or gender identity. He reiterated that the main goal of including the Bible in school curriculum is to give students a better understanding of their country’s history, not to indoctrinate them or push a certain viewpoint.

This interview with Walters and Brown is a prime example of the mainstream media’s attempts to discredit conservative figures and their agenda. Instead of having a productive and informative conversation about the merits and potential drawbacks of teaching the Bible in schools, Brown refused to listen to Walters’ reasoning and continuously brought up irrelevant and sensationalized accusations. It’s time for the liberal media to put aside their biases and have genuine discussions about important issues in our society.

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