Outrageous MSM Headline Sparks Outcry: Secret Service Tagged in Response to Dangerous Rhetoric

The liberal media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached new heights, with outlets like HuffPost publishing dangerously violent and hateful headlines. Like addicts, these TDS sufferers constantly crave more extreme and sensationalized rhetoric to get their fix. The latest example is HuffPost’s headline declaring that the Supreme Court has given Joe Biden the go-ahead to assassinate Donald Trump.

In reality, the Supreme Court simply ruled that a president cannot be criminally prosecuted for official acts. This is a far cry from giving Biden the green light to assassinate Trump. But to the unhinged left, any decision that benefits Trump in any way is seen as an attack on their sacred cause. So they turned to fear-mongering and violent rhetoric to fuel their hatred.

Social media users were quick to condemn the headline, with some even tagging the FBI and Secret Service in their outrage. One user even called it the “most dangerous headline in American history.” The fact that people are genuinely concerned about the potential for violence against Trump shows just how far the liberal media and their followers have fallen.

Even prominent conservative accounts joined the call to action, tagging the Secret Service and urging them to take action against HuffPost. This kind of open incitement to violence cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. But it’s no surprise coming from a publication like HuffPost, known for its leftist bias and clickbait headlines.

Conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley also voiced his disgust at the state of affairs, calling out the radical left for their desperate and violent tactics. He urged people to report anyone calling for violence against Trump, and rightfully so. These Marxists are clearly getting more desperate and unhinged as their efforts to take down Trump and his supporters continue to fail.

The establishment’s hatred for Trump started out with mere mockery and a false Russia collusion narrative. But as the years went by and their schemes fell apart, they’ve become more and more brazen in their attacks. Now, openly calling for Biden to use lethal military force against Trump is seen as acceptable by some on the left. This is a dangerous and disturbing trend that should be cause for concern for all Americans.

It’s clear that the establishment and its media allies will stop at nothing to take down Trump and silence his supporters. The HuffPost headline is just the latest example of how far they are willing to go in their desperate attempts to regain power. It’s a sad state of affairs when a supposed news outlet can openly call for the assassination of a former president without any consequences.

This is not a matter of political differences or disagreements.

It is a matter of basic decency and respect for the democratic process. The establishment may despise Trump, but that does not give them the right to call for violence against him.

It is up to all of us to speak out against this kind of dangerous rhetoric and stand up for what is right. Many are reporting HuffPosts’ comments for inciting violence and I think that’s a fine idea. Otherwise, we risk descending into a society ruled by violence and intimidation, rather than the rule of law.

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