Watch: Media Turns on Biden: Calls for Withdrawal and Finally Questioning His Mental State

It is an undeniable truth that President Joe Biden has spent the majority of his political career enriching himself through lies and deceit at the expense of the American people. With his advanced age and declining mental capacity, it can be argued that he has long lost the ability to differentiate between truth and falsehood. This has become evident in his latest excuse for his disastrous performance in the recent presidential debate against former President Donald Trump.

In an apparent attempt to shift the blame and save face, Biden told a group of donors in Virginia that he “nearly fell asleep” on the debate stage due to exhaustion from overseas travel. This is hardly a convincing explanation for his glaring inadequacies as a leader. If anything, it exposes his inability to handle the demands and rigors of the presidency. A leader who cannot even manage a few overseas trips without experiencing debilitating jetlag is unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

It is alarming that Biden has resorted to such excuses in an effort to justify his incompetence. The fact that he chose to travel extensively, despite being advised against it by his own staff, speaks volumes about his questionable decision-making ability. Even more worrisome is the fact that he compounded his mistakes by attending a Hollywood fundraiser and then retreating to his Delaware home before heading to Camp David to prepare for the debate. This erratic behavior is not befitting of a leader and raises serious concerns about his fitness for office.

The consistent pattern of Biden’s deceptions and lies has eroded his credibility and any claims he makes should be met with skepticism. We should not forget that he only revealed his supposed cold, midway through the debate, providing yet another convenient excuse for his poor performance. Now, five days later, he has conveniently come up with a new explanation for his debate flop. It defies logic that someone in his position could not foresee the impact of jetlag on his performance, let alone use it as a credible excuse.

It is obvious that Biden’s latest excuse will only invite more scrutiny about his physical and mental well-being. At 81 years of age, with multiple overseas trips and a grueling schedule, there are legitimate concerns about his ability to handle the demands of a second term in the White House. His recent behavior and excuses only add fuel to these concerns. Even the most ardent supporters of the Democratic party might begin to question whether he is fit for office.


It is not just the public that is starting to question Biden’s capability to lead. Prominent Democrats and the establishment media have openly called for his withdrawal from the presidential race. If this is the best he can come up with to explain his poor debate performance, it is clear that his campaign is in shambles and his presidency may not last long.

The pressure from once trusted allies, now eager to replace him, may prove to be too much for his already fragile political career. The American people deserve and demand a leader who is competent, honest, and capable of making sound decisions.

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