Breaking: Satellite Images Confirm, China’s Secret Spy Stations Just Miles from U.S. Base

China’s presence is expanding near and within the United States, as they continue to collaborate with other communist countries and establish spy installations in close proximity to American bases. In recent years, Cuba has become an increasingly important partner for China, providing them with a stepping stone to gather intelligence on sensitive American operations. The Wall Street Journal’s report on Tuesday revealed that construction of foreign spy sites is taking place just 70 miles from the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

These sites, located in Bejucal, Wajay, Calabazar, and the newest one at El Salao, are a concerning development. Satellite imagery from the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows evidence of antenna grids, administrative and housing areas, solar farms, and even underground facilities at these locations. These structures are designed for signals intelligence, which involves capturing and analyzing electronic signals from foreign sources.

Of particular concern is the circular antenna array under construction at El Salao. This setup, known as beamforming, is a sophisticated espionage tactic used to determine the origin and direction of intercepted signals. The fact that this site is just 70 miles away from the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay raises red flags about China’s intentions and capabilities.

With numerous Air Force and Navy bases in Florida, the proximity to sensitive American operations gives China a strong incentive to establish their spy sites in Cuba.

China’s interest in the Caribbean is not a new development. In fact, last year they were reported to be in talks with Cuba about basing troops on the island. This is part of their larger plan, known as “Project 141,” to expand their power and influence across the globe. However, China is not the only foreign power with a presence in the region. Russia has also been making use of their naval and air forces, showcasing their ability to project force in the Caribbean.

It is clear that our adversaries have a strong interest in American waters and bases. The question is, will this growing threat be addressed before they are able to act on their positions? With China’s expanding presence in Cuba and their ambitions to establish a global presence, the United States must remain vigilant and take necessary steps to protect our national security.

The construction of these spy sites is a concerning development, and it is imperative that the U.S. government takes action to address this growing threat before it is too late. The safety and security of our country and its operations must be our top priority.

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