Throwback: WH Named 5 GOP Lawmakers As ‘Extremists’, Here’s How They Did In The Midterms

In August, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Targeted five Republicans by name as representatives of the “extreme wing”  and a ‘threat to our democracy’ as Democrats prepared for a war in the midterms.

Her comments came while discussing President Joe Biden’s disastrous address regarding the “soul of our nation,” and she specifically pointed to Reps. Paul Gosar (AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Madison Cawthorn (NC), Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL), and former President Donald Trump of carrying out “attacks on our core values as a country.”

“There are more examples than I can count on how we have seen, recently, armed attacks on federal law enforcement,” she explained before listing off those specific lawmakers. “These are things that we have to call out.”

Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden will not “shy away from what he believes.”

“He has the obligation to speak out against threats against our democracy, against violence.” she continued. “He believes as president, you have the strongest platform, if you will, the strongest voice, and that’s what he’s going to continue to do.”

She called each Republican out and outlined the ‘threat’:

“You have Representative Paul Gosar has posted videos depicting him attacking the President and members of Congress.

You have Representative Majority [sic] Tay- — Marjorie Taylor Greene has publicly expressed support for shooting prominent Democratic elected officials and suggesting physically assaulting transgender school officials.

You have Representative Madison Cawthorn has said, falsely, “If our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place, and that’s bloodshed.”

And just last week, you had Governor Ron DeSantis suggested that Dr. Fauci should be physically assaulted.  And former President Trump has done the same many, many times.”


Trump announced his bid for 2024 this past Tuesday and as for Gosar, Taylor Greene, and DeSantis; they were gleefully reelected. In fact, they’ve all done very well aside for Cawthorn who didn’t survive the Primary elections and reported tucked tail before the end of his term.

Over all? Huge wins…

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