Trevor Noah Says You’re All A Bunch Of ‘White Guys Who Want To Use The N-Word’

Calling people racist because you don’t agree with their politics is so freaking overplayed that I can’t even begin to take libs seriously anymore. Like this guy, Trevor Noah. The late-night host gushed over the radically left Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation into the Supreme Court but takes a giant leap and calls the Republicans who walked out during the proceedings a bunch of racists who want to ‘say the N-word’.

I call his little rant a ‘tantrum’ because that’s what it was. Had this been a conservative Justice we would have all rejoiced and laughed at the angry Democrats who stormed out but the left got their feelings hurt, so here we are…

“Think about it, she will now be the most powerful black woman in the country to have her opinions entirely dismissed by two-thirds of her co-workers. Wow. This is huge. And by the way, for anyone who wondered how much of an impact Ketanji Brown Jackson would have, well she made history from the moment she was confirmed,” the host claimed.

He jumped over to the walkout screaming,”Really? Really?”

He continued, “You know what, first of all, kudos to Mitt Romney. Yeah man. He’s like, just decorum, you know. All those other assholes, think about, the first black woman since this country was founded gets confirmed to the Supreme Court and you can’t find it in you to stay and clap. Just clap. Even like a – yeah, I’m not saying you got to throw panties on the stage or anything, just show respect. Just—just—some respect.

Noah added, “those Republicans ran out of the room like someone was handing out free N-word passes in the lobby, “Oh boy, oh boy, I always wanted to say that word, oh boy, in public.” Why would you leave? No one ever leaves. Doesn’t matter whether they like the person or not. Why would you leave? The first black woman and that’s when you’re going to you leave. ”


The left needs to get a grip because no one is buying their spin anymore.

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