Watch: Bodycam Shows State Rep Trying To Use Race Card

It is a tough time to be a police officer. BLM/Libs are under the impression that all Officers are the devil and in many departments, they are so underfunded that officers are overwhelmed. Brave men and women still put their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. An Officer pulled over Minnesota Rep. John Thompson in what was a routine traffic stop, but instead of accepting the citation and going on with his day, Thompson decided to infer the officer was racist. The Officer’s bodycam, however, shows what actually happened.

“Why in such a hurry?” an officer asked Rep Thompson on the fourth of July.

“I don’t think I took off like a bat out of hell, I just drove off,” Thompson replied.

“Do you have any proof of insurance?” The officer asks.

“It’s in my phone, I am actually a State Representative,” Thompson explains.

The officer then asks him about his license and returns to his vehicle to check his license and insurance.

“Sorry I took so long, here’s your license,” the Officer says upon his return to Thompson’s car. “You’re suspended in Minnesota. That’s what the computer says. If it’s wrong, you’ll have to deal with DVS [the Department of Vehicle Services].”

Thompson denied the claim that his license was suspended.

“His license was suspended in 2019 for failure to pay child support in Ramsey County Minn., outlet WCCO reported.”

Thompson then asked why he was pulled over in the first place.

“No front plate, and the way you took off from the light back there,” the officer replied.

“I’m too old to run from the police, man,” Thompson says. “You profiled me because you looked me dead in the face and I got a ticket for driving while Black. You pulled me over because you saw a Black face in this car, brother. There’s no way in hell I’m taking off with you behind me. … You looked in this car and busted a U-turn and got behind my car, and that’s the reason – ”

The officer explained that it’s on camera.

“I know,” Thompson continued undeterred. “But what I’m saying is, what you’re doing is wrong, to Black men and you need to stop that. Thank you so much, but this ticket means nothing to me. No, no, no, I am always going to have a good day… What I’m saying to you is stop racially profiling Black men in their cars sir. Stop doing that.”

Watch The BodyCam Footage Below. 

Police Chief Todd Axtell reviewed the footage and is demanding an apology from Rep Thompson.

Simply put, the traffic stop was by the books,” Axtell continued. “What happened afterward was anything but, I’m dismayed and disappointed by the state representative’s response to the stop. Rather than taking responsibility for his own decisions and actions, he attempted to deflect, cast aspersions, and deny any wrongdoing.”

Thompson should have known better. His baseless accusation only hurt him. Now everyone knows that he is behind on his child support, which is a pretty clear indication that he should not be representing anyone when he can’t take care of his own kids.

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