Watch MSNBC Hack Get Served Some Cold Truth Seconds After She Backed Disney

Oh my, the hilarity if ever… MSNBC contributor Symone screwed up and was apparently not keeping up with the news—Her only job. Sanders had egg on her face Wednesday after she bet money that Disney would win in a battle with Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

She was discussing the possibility that DeSantis would be able to have Disney stripped of their ability to self-govern in his state by means of their own district. “My money is on the Disney lobbyists, honey,” Sander declared. There was just one problem—It already happened.

“I know bashing corporations is popular, left and right, these days, but I’d be careful going up against Disney,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said, prompting Sanders to jump in to the conversation.

“Oh, my money is on the Disney lobbyists, honey,” Sanders interrupted.

“My money is on the Disney lobbyists,” she repeated, adding, “Do you think those state legislatures down in Florida are going to bend to the will of the governor? No!”

“Did you see what Jared Polis said?” Todd asked, referencing Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D). “He’d love a Rocky Mountain Disney.”

The panelists all laughed before Todd broke the news to Sanders that the Florida legislature had, in fact, already done exactly what she’d predicted they wouldn’t do.

“By the way, the Florida legislature, the State Senate, just passed this bill to strip Disney of its special access,” he said.

 The Florida House passed a bill Thursday to eliminate the special district that allows the Walt Disney Co. to self-govern its Orlando-area theme park, sending the measure to Gov. Ron DeSantis for his signature.

DeSantis, a Republican, called on the Legislature to back the measure during its special session this week. House lawmakers passed the bill in a 68-38 vote after the Senate’s 23-16 vote on Wednesday.

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