Watch As Woke Navy Officials Get Slammed Over Trans Recruitment Program

The U.S. Navy has come under fire for its decision to use a drag queen sailor as a “digital ambassador” in a program “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates.” Matt Walsh and Megyn Kelly have both criticized the move, saying it will not help the Navy recruit more men.


“The only pitch that will work to recruit young men to fight for the country and enlist in their military branch is appealing to ‘masculine energy’ not ‘feminine’” Walsh said. He argued that throughout history, the military has been successful by “being a unit … suppressing your individual priorities and desires” which this drag queen recruiter does not represent.

Kelly shared similar comments and asked “where’s our men?” She argued that the Navy missed its recruitment goal in 2022 and is expected to miss it by 6,000 in 2023. “I would much rather have a bada** actual woman defending the country or a regular man, that [drag queen sailor] I don’t want defending me,” Kelly said.

These two prominent figures have brought attention to the issue and opened up an important conversation. It is true that diversity is important, but promoting mental health should not be used as a way to promote “diversity”.

It is clear that the Navy’s decision to use a drag queen sailor as a recruiter will not help them achieve their recruitment goals.

Furthermore, the Navy’s decision to use a drag queen sailor is a clear attempt to “go woke” and appeal to a certain demographic. It is important to remember that the military is there to protect the country and those that serve in it should be those that have the skills and the mental capacity to do so. It should be about protecting the country, not about appealing to a certain demographic.


The US Navy should be looking for men and women who are willing to serve their country, not those who are looking to make a statement. Walsh and Kelly are right in their criticism of the Navy’s decision and it is clear that recruiting by appealing to “masculine energy” is the only way to successfully recruit for the military.

The Navy should reconsider their decision and focus on recruiting in a way that will actually help them reach their recruitment goals.

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