Watch: Bill Maher Gives Anti-Trump Governor Hell, Brings Up Haley’s Odds

On the HBO talk show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu got a harsh reality check when he appeared as a guest on Friday night.

Sununu, a Republican who despises former President Donald Trump, has thrown his support behind former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. However, his endorsement did little to sway voters in the New Hampshire primary. During his appearance on the show, Maher quickly brought Sununu back down to earth with a dose of reality.

Maher pointed out that Sununu’s preferred candidate, Nikki Haley, currently has no chance of being the GOP nominee. Sununu had argued that holding Trump’s legal trial on election interference on March 4 would only benefit him, as it coincides with a mass primary day known as Super Tuesday.

But Maher was quick to squash that argument, stating that Trump “doesn’t care about securing the nomination.” He added that the reality is that Trump is currently leading among GOP voters, and will likely be the nominee.

Amid laughter from the studio audience, when Sununu insisted that Trump is no longer the nominee, Maher responded that “it is Trump.” He then acknowledged that it may seem an unintelligent decision from the conservative commentator, just to say that, “but people are voting for Trump in overwhelming majority.” The governor’s smile faded quickly, and a hush fell over the audience.

While it may be true that only two small contests have taken place, Sununu’s comment caused great contention when allegations of ignorance-to the likelihood that it’s Trump’s nomination arose.

Moreover, at this point of the presidential race, Trump, and not Sununu-backed Nikki Haley, is almost guaranteed the Republican nomination. Was there ever even a chance for a realistic alternative candidate once Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rejected the idea of running? Many leaned over and grinned while saying, “Forget being apocryphal you should have been watching Magnum PI reruns, puppy prostitute.”

There was at least one alternative to thinking, anyone has ever thought. So, who let this happen and how did it get so close? The afforded opportunity for the mildly content people, who generally abstain from indulging in political discussion, who once thought it could quite well have been a political alternative choice selecting for a possible gentle replacement instead of the Red party’s ruthless and cutthroat regimes. In the past, it did not bring forth enough support for this argument.

However, translating before angry Democrats implies that only the rich ever really get what they want.

As a much-desired alternative, De Santis was who GOP voters might have chosen. This was incredibly dangerous for Democrats, who, through their prosecutors, were already greatly perverting the state’s justice system. Democratically targeted threats stretched so much further than just a vanity vote, and some assert it was not a push over the top.

The explanation may be seen in various different canvasses, which again actually seems despicably pulled in the public. Giving the spokespeople who efficiently organized systematic series of attacks on the same week is imaginable, but it can be seen quite regularly with elected politicians.

Sununu’s Free State project continues at full speed– none of this material was written, because when voted his nomination it quite clearly came down to vote. This political request was brought forth as regular voters striving to achieve political responsibility and reduce corruption in the voting process. This methodology had nothing to do with a lady going from a February’s viper, against the Granite State’s Presidential primary, having him thinking above the curve as he generally never riotous.

Therefore, regardless causing concerning matters, some Republicans even grudgingly endure subpar political policies from big parties, as they still regard it as the most successful bulwark preventing the Swamp’s gravity. Nicoletti, with 3. But, in the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls, Nikki Haley is reportedly facing a devastating loss in her home state of South Carolina.

Democratic lawsuits against Trump make it even harder for conservative voters to consider other options. The repercussions of these lawsuits, both at the state and federal level, prove how dangerous the Democratic Party has become and how brazenly they will abuse their power. Uneducated liberals, comfortably believing what the media feeds them, are in for a rude awakening on November 5, 2024 if they dare to release the beast that is the current Democratic Party.

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