Watch: CNN Sobs Over Hunter’s Guilty Verdict, Ignores Credibility Crisis

CNN shamelessly mourned the verdicts of Hunter Biden, paying no heed to the abhorrent situation that has been revealed through the trial. As though the Bidens were a beloved royal family, CNN wasted no time in offering an outpouring of empathy for the Bidens. President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, was mentioned in the front row of the courtroom nearly every day, as though she were a symbol of resilience and courage.

The coverage only turned negative when CNN reporter Kristen Holmes, whose beat is the Trump campaign, entered the conversation. She seized the opportunity to slam Trump for not showing any sympathy towards the Bidens in the aftermath of the trial. She went on to say that the majority of Americans find the Bidens sympathetic, but Trump does not.

One cannot help but feel a sense of repetition and redundancy in the coverage of the verdicts on CNN. Holmes repeated her monologue in the following hour, emphasizing the significance of Trump’s lack of compassion for the Biden family. She even went as far as to mention Trump’s personal loss of a brother to alcoholism, insinuating that this should have evoked some sense of understanding and empathy towards the Biden family.

It is apparent that CNN is dedicated to presenting the most pro-Biden perspective at all times, with a dearth of conservative voices to offer any sort of balanced view. In a rare case, Scott Jennings, a conservative CNN analyst, was not present on set to offer his opinion.


He did take to Twitter to express his thoughts on the trial, stating: “The most important thing about the Hunter trial is the laptop was proven real. Joe Biden, his campaign, & dozens of Democratic luminaries & media outlets were willing to lie about it and, or censor it despite knowing it was real. The amount of credibility burned is staggering.” His insight would have certainly raised eyebrows among viewers, but instead, they were forced to listen to Biden biographer Evan Osnos, a writer for the leftist magazine The New Yorker, who has openly expressed his disdain for Trump on their cover.

CNN failed to acknowledge the absurdity of the situation at hand. While they offer empathetic accounts of the Biden family’s struggles with drug addiction and infidelity, there is no mention of the questionable decisions and actions that led them to this point. It begs the question, why did the Bidens decide that this was the right time for Joe to run for president again?

The bias in CNN’s coverage is undeniable. They have chosen to focus solely on the emotional side of the story, painting the Bidens as unfortunate victims of circumstance, and disregarding any scrutiny or criticism of their actions. It is clear that they have taken on the role of protecting and promoting the Bidens, rather than objectively reporting on the situation. This is just another example of the liberal media’s bias and their continued efforts to defend and support the Democratic Party.

As outraged citizens, we must demand that the media holds all politicians and their families accountable for their actions, regardless of their political affiliation. The Bidens are not above the law and should face consequences for their wrongdoing. It is imperative that the media fulfills their duty to report the truth, rather than manipulate it to fit their own agenda.

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