Watch: Joy Reid Exposed: Desperate Attempts to Smear Alitos Backfires

MSNBC’s Joy Reid launched yet another attack on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann, on Monday’s episode of The ReidOut. Reid spent a significant amount of time on the show ridiculing the couple and attempting to discredit them as conservative extremists.

Reid began with a generalized smear of conservative justices, accusing them of becoming increasingly defiant and corrupt. She singled out Alito, claiming that he has become “emboldened” and “self-righteous,” specifically criticizing his public views on the direction of American society.

Reid then proceeded to rehash Alito’s past offenses before shifting to what she deemed “blockbuster new audio” recorded by leftist Lauren Windsor. In the recording, Windsor used deceptive tactics to try and elicit incriminating statements from Alito, portraying him as a partisan.

Reid highlighted a portion of the audio where Alito stated the simple fact that “one side or the other is going to win,” acknowledging that collaboration between both sides is difficult due to extreme polarization of values. However, Reid spun this as evidence of Alito’s bias and criticized his response to Windsor’s suggestion that “people in this country who believe in God have got to keep fighting for that, to return our country to a place of godliness.”

Reid contrasted Alito’s response with that of Chief Justice John Roberts, who she praised for maintaining that “it’s our job to decide the cases as best we can.” To Reid, Alito was a “shocking” example of “Christian nationalism” for agreeing with Windsor’s statement about fighting for God in America.

Reid went on to mock Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann, for her comments in the audio about filing a defamation lawsuit against the media upon Alito’s retirement from the Supreme Court. Her comments were also viewed as offensive by Reid, who criticized her for wanting to design a flag of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a counter to the rainbow flags displayed during Pride Month.

Windsor, who seemed to be running low on actual substance, stumbled through her interpretation of Martha-Ann’s comments, saying they were “aggressive” and seemed to be “getting even” with the media. She also noted that Martha-Ann mentioned being German, even though she had the impression she was Italian based on her manner of speaking.

Reid weakly attempted to add her own jab, stating, “And she said ‘I’m German and that i-and you’ll n-you just can’t believe how much I can, I can come at you and give, uh, more, uh, revenge.’” This exchange only served to highlight the undeniable truth in Alito’s assessment of the media: “It’s easy to blame the media, but I do blame them because they do nothing but criticize us. And so they have really eroded trust in the Court.”

Reid’s segment on Alito and his wife was clearly intended to discredit and ridicule conservative views, furthering her own biased and one-sided narrative. By selectively choosing portions of a secret recording to fit her agenda, Reid only reinforces her own lack of credibility and integrity as a journalist.

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