Watch: Woman Loses it After Baby Disrupts Meal at Restaurant – ‘People are Going to Jail’

A woman’s evening out with her family turned dramatic and unpleasant as she was confronted by an unruly patron at a Mexican restaurant in Mississippi. The incident unfolded after the woman’s child began crying, causing the angry patron to lash out and demand that the couple leave. The confrontation was all captured on video and shared on TikTok by the child’s mother, known only as Madi. In the video, the woman can be seen yelling at the couple to leave, stating, “Don’t bring your f***ing baby to a f***ing restaurant!”

Madi explained in a follow-up video that her child wasn’t crying the entire time as the outraged woman had suggested. The woman became irate after her son made a noise and complained that she couldn’t hear because of the child. Madi also revealed that the woman pushed her when confronted about her behavior. The videos have since gone viral, garnering over 12 million views.

It is understandable that a screaming child can be annoying, but it is not the fault of the parents. As any parent knows, children can sometimes act out, and it can be challenging for parents to immediately calm them down. It is unfair for anyone to berate or demean parents in this situation, especially considering they were trying to have a nice night out themselves.

The angry patron, instead of yelling and swearing, could have shown some compassion towards the parents or simply not let the child’s behavior get to her. She could have also approached the situation in a more civilized manner. It is natural for parents to want to bring their children with them, and sometimes they cannot get a babysitter. The woman’s reaction begs the question, is she suggesting that parents should not be allowed to bring their kids to restaurants?


Patience is a virtue that requires practice, and unfortunately, this woman seemed to have none. She could have handled the situation with more grace and compassion towards the parents. All parents can relate to the struggle of trying to calm down a crying child in public, and a little understanding and empathy would have gone a long way. As one of the police officers in the video stated, “If we stay, people are going to jail.” The situation could have been avoided if the angry patron had reacted with less aggression.


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