Watch: DeSantis Mocked Pushy Reporters And Owned The Other States

Governor Ron DeSantis managed to mock pushy reporters and humiliate all the other states in one brief presser. The media is all over DeSantis to make a bid for 2024 but he isn’t taking the bait. Instead, he snapped back at the pushy reporters saying that people need to ‘chill out’ and then went on to demolish liberal states.

He began by explaining everything his state has managed to accomplish over the last week. Battling a state of emergency, the elections, repairs, and storm clean-ups. Then DeSantis when in for the kill adding that Florida managed to count all of their votes amid off of that, “And these other states are still counting their votes from the election. How pathetic is that?!” DeSantis asked reporters.

“Florida is an example that you know what, you can get the big things right,” he said, bragging that it just took three days to replace a bridge that was destroyed by Hurricane Ian, and that would not have happened in New York.



Earlier in the briefing, DeSantis was pushed to make a bid for the presidency. He told the reporters to chill out adding, “We just finished this election, okay? People just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff, I mean seriously. We just ran an election. We have this Georgia runoff coming, which is very important for Republicans to win that Georgia runoff,” DeSantis said. “I know around the country Florida was kind of the biggest bright spot. It was not so bright in other parts of the country. It was a substandard performance given the dynamics at play.”

“But I think people like me, who have been given the opportunity to continue is, okay, let’s do something with that. The reason why we won a historic victory is that at the end of the day, we lead, we delivered and we had your back when you needed us,” he continued.


I have no idea if he’s going to run. He has made it a point to express his disinterest but that could change. The media and the GOP all seem to be pushing the Governor to run against Trump after the former president announced he’s running. I think only time will tell with this one.


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