Watch: GOP Rep Slams Dems For Playing Games With US Economy

The Democrat playbook has become a broken record – higher taxes, more spending, and debt spiraling out of control. This is a concept that Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota recently skewered in a head-turning interview on Fox News.

During his discussion, Emmer lambasted President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for their handling of the debt ceiling. He called it “Democrats’ desperation time,” noting that Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had failed to reach an agreement on lifting the debt ceiling.

“You’ve got a White House that refuses to lead, you’ve got a Senate that refuses or can’t act, you’ve got a House led by Kevin McCarthy that says ‘look, we need to raise the debt ceiling, we need to make sure there is no default in this country and we have a solution to do that with spending reforms,'” Emmer said.

The Republican refused to be intimidated by Biden’s recent budget proposal that includes a minimum 25% tax on billionaires and repealing many of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

As Emmer noted, a recent CNN poll found that 60 percent of Americans support McCarthy’s stance that Congress should tie any increase in the national debt limit to spending cuts. He reminded people that the House of Representatives had already passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act, a bill that increases the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion while repealing portions of the Inflation Reduction Act and instituting new work requirements for welfare programs.

If Democrats want to succeed in raising the debt ceiling, he noted, the onus is on them.

“These are things that are normal, and until you have the other side actually showing urgency, we are not going to see much progress,” Emmer said.

Apparently, the message isn’t getting through to Democrats. As the nation’s debt continues to soar, due in large part to the party’s irresponsible fiscal policies, Americans are being asked to foot the bill.


It’s up to Republicans to hold Democratic lawmakers accountable, and Rep. Emmer’s comments provide a shining example of doing just that. Let’s hope his words carry enough weight to get Democrats to open their eyes to the economic crisis they have created.

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