Watch: MSM Embarrasses Themselves to Cover Up Biden’s Embarrassing G7 Performance

Joe Biden returned to the United States after attending the G7 summit in Italy, where the group announced $50 billion in new financing for Ukraine from frozen Russian assets. This move by the Biden administration is being hailed as a great success, with the White House boasting of their efforts to support Ukraine’s military and reconstruction. However, the reality of this decision remains to be seen, as the loan has yet to be finalized and dispersed.

MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez, daughter of Sen. Bob “Gold Bars” Menendez, made a laughable comparison between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Menendez claimed that while Biden is playing chess, Trump is at best playing “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” – a game meant for preschoolers. This kind of rhetoric from Menendez and her fellow liberal panelists only serves to showcase their biased and delusional views, as anyone can see that Biden’s recent performance at the G7 was not reflective of a master strategist, but rather a dazed and confused senior citizen in need of assistance.

Co-anchor Symone Sanders-Townsend tried to defend her beloved Biden, claiming that if anything, Trump is only playing Uno – a card game meant for children. This kind of condescension towards the former President is disgusting, and shows the level of disrespect that the mainstream media and liberal elites have toward anyone who does not share their political beliefs.

The panel then went on to praise Biden’s recent events and foreign trips, suggesting that it proves he is not “too old” to be President. However, the reality is that Biden’s visit to the G7 only further solidified the fact that he is unfit to lead the country. From his embarrassing gaffes and forgetfulness, to his inability to stand up for American interests, Biden’s performance at the G7 was nothing short of a disaster. Yet, the liberal media still tries to paint him as the savior of America.

Reed Galen, co-founder of the disgraced Lincoln Project, joined in the liberal love-fest by claiming that Biden has always “met the moment” during his presidency. But what about the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, or the ongoing crisis at the southern border? Are these the moments that Galen is proud of? It’s clear that the liberal media is willing to do whatever it takes to prop up their chosen candidate, no matter how incompetent he proves to be.

The truth is, while Biden may be busy playing chess and Uno, Trump is out there fighting for the American people. He is holding rallies and speaking out against the disastrous policies of the Biden administration, all while the liberal media tries to downplay his impact. But the American people see the reality of what’s going on – they see the rising inflation, the crime rates, the border crisis, and they know who’s to blame.


As we approach the first debate between Biden and Trump, it’s clear that the liberal media will continue to prop up their chosen candidate and downplay the failures of the Biden administration. But when the time comes, the American people will have a choice – do they want to go back to the chaos of the Obama era, or do they want to continue on the path of progress and success under President Trump? The choice is clear, and it’s time for the liberal media to stop playing games and start reporting the truth.

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