WATCH: CBS News Drops Bombshell on Left’s Latest Attack Against Justice Thomas

CBS News Journalist Jan Crawford did not fall for the left’s latest attempt to smear conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As the media has been emphasizing their role in safeguarding our Democracy, it becomes apparent that, on occasion, the truth emerges. In this case, CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell asked Crawford about Justice Thomas and his alleged connection with a megadonor, and Crawford quickly debunked the Democrats’ accusations.

Crawford’s response came after the breaking news that Justice Thomas had taken more undisclosed flights on a private jet, funded by a megadonor. However, Crawford brought attention to the fact that these trips occurred before the rules were put in place regarding personal hospitality for judges. She stated, “Justice Thomas has always maintained that those kind of trips with a friend, who didn’t have business before the court were personal hospitality, and as a result did not have to be disclosed under the rules in place at the time.” CBS’s report on the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on abortion pills concluded with Crawford’s firm statement that Justice Thomas would begin disclosing all travel from that point forward, in accordance with the updated rules.

The Democrats’ accusations are a part of their ongoing efforts to delegitimize the conservative-majority Supreme Court. As CNN reported, Justice Thomas allegedly took multiple trips on the private jet of GOP megadonor Harlan Crow, and stayed on his mega-yacht during a trip to Indonesia in 2019. However, these supposed “newly revealed private plane trips” add nothing new to the picture of luxury travel enjoyed by Justice Thomas. As Crawford pointed out, the trips occurred before the updated rules were put in place, and thus, were not required to be disclosed. Yet, the media continues to emphasize these trips as part of an ongoing effort to undermine public confidence in the Supreme Court, with the complicity of the “Regime Media.”

Crawford’s exposure of the left’s efforts to tarnish the reputation of the Supreme Court is not the only example of the media’s bias. As mentioned, last year, Senator Chuck Schumer made incendiary comments aimed at Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, which potentially incited violence against them. However, the media underreported these remarks, despite the fact that they led to illegal and potentially violent marches on the homes of the conservative justices. Furthermore, a man even flew across the country with the intent to harm Justice Kavanaugh and possibly others.


In the midst of this ongoing campaign to delegitimize the Supreme Court, Crawford’s reporting stands out as a foundation for the truth. She showcased how the left’s accusations against Justice Thomas were baseless and part of a larger effort to undermine the highest court in the land. As the media continues to emphasize their role in safeguarding our Democracy, it is essential for them to accurately report on issues such as this, rather than perpetuate false narratives and contribute to the left’s ongoing smear campaign.

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