MSNBC Goes Off the Rails, Suggests Pro-Life Views are a Threat to Religious Freedom! [Video]

On Thursday’s edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, substitute anchor Alex Witt displayed a clear bias against the pro-life movement, claiming that their laws violate the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. Speaking to New York Magazine writer Sarah Jones, Witt posed a question that was more of a statement, asking “What an economic cost to women…who may not have the means to afford it, in addition to the health and mental strain.” Jones readily agreed, going on to condemn the “anti-abortion movement.”

Witt then turned to political analyst Jennifer Palmieri, who further fueled the pro-choice narrative by bringing up the separation of church and state. She claimed that “the issue of abortion makes you question if that’s the case” in regards to the Establishment Clause. This is a flawed argument, as the same logic could be applied to any law against murder on the basis that it is a commandment in the Bible. Palmieri’s comment was a lazy attempt to connect pro-life laws to religious establishment, a tactic often used by the left to discredit their opponents.

Palmieri then brought up the recent recording of Justice Samuel Alito, where he stated that the United States should be “a nation of godliness.” Palmieri found this to be “shocking” and “jarring,” and went on to insinuate that this demonstrates a dangerous agenda among conservative members of the Supreme Court. However, it is not uncommon for people on the left to use religious justifications to support their beliefs on various issues, yet MSNBC does not find this to be a cause for concern.

In reality, the issue of pro-life laws has nothing to do with the Establishment Clause. These laws are not meant to establish a specific religion, but rather to protect the lives of unborn children. The pro-life movement is not solely composed of religious individuals, but includes people from all backgrounds and faiths who believe that every human life has value and should be protected. By constantly framing the issue as a violation of the Establishment Clause, MSNBC is attempting to discredit the pro-life movement and paint them as religious extremists.

The idea that Justice Alito’s comment demonstrates a hidden conservative agenda is baseless. The fact that he was willing to express his personal beliefs in a public setting is not indicative of anything sinister or subversive. Justices of the Supreme Court are not immune to having their own opinions and values, but they are still expected to interpret the law fairly and impartially. In fact, Alito recently joined a unanimous ruling that favored a pro-choice group, which undermines the notion that he is pushing a religiously motivated agenda.


MSNBC’s attempt to frame pro-life laws as a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause is a desperate and flawed argument. The pro-life movement is not a religious agenda, but a belief that every human life deserves protection. Their beliefs and values should be respected, not demonized by the media. It’s time for the liberal media to stop misrepresenting the pro-life movement and have an honest discussion about the value of human life.

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