Watch: Joy Reid Defends Climate Nuts’ Disruptive Stunt at Congressional Baseball Game

Joy Reid of MSNBC has once again used her nightly hour of rubbish to defend and justify the recent invasion by climate extinctionists at the Congressional Baseball game. Reid blames the chaos at the game on “our completely dysfunctional Congress” and claims that the actions of these protestors were a result of important issues such as the climate crisis not being properly addressed within Congress.

In her opening segment, Reid explains the incident at the game and shifts her focus to Representative Lauren Boebert, accusing her of breaking the rules by vaping in the stadium. She uses this as an opportunity to criticize the House of Representatives, labeling Boebert as a “typical Republican member” and accusing them of lacking decency and class.

Reid then proceeds to paint a false narrative of how the climate activists were forced to take matters into their own hands and “litigate” crucial issues in the public square because Congress is not addressing them. She uses this to justify their disruptive and unlawful behavior.

But let’s not forget the history of the Congressional Baseball game, and the fact that just seven years ago, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on the field, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise. And who was there to immediately blame Scalise? Joy Reid. This pattern of justifying or even inciting violent actions against political opponents is dangerous and irresponsible.

Reid’s rhetoric and justification of the climate activists’ actions is concerning. By continuously portraying Congress as dysfunctional and not addressing important issues, she is essentially giving a nod to these extremist groups who take matters into their own hands. This is not how a functioning democracy works, and it is certainly not how crucial issues should be addressed.

The incidents at the Congressional Baseball game, as well as other acts of “direct action” by climate activists, are clear examples of how dangerous and misguided Reid’s views are. It is not the responsibility of protestors to “litigate” issues in the public square, it is the responsibility of elected officials to address and debate these matters in a civil and democratic manner.


Reid’s attempts to shift the blame onto Congress and Representative Boebert for the actions of these climate activists are not only unfounded, but also dangerous. It is time for her and others in the media to take accountability for the consequences of their words and to stop inciting division and violence. Our democracy depends on it.

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