Watch: Ruhle Has A Meltdown Over Coverage Of Biden’s Latest Muck-Up

Stephanie Ruhle, host of MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, found herself at odds with certain Republicans over their reaction to a recent video featuring President Joe Biden at the D-Day commemoration in Normandy. Allegations were made that the video, showing Biden apparently struggling with a chair, was edited to mislead viewers. Ruhle, championing journalistic integrity, countered by airing a longer clip to provide what she called the “full truth.”

Presented by the official RNC’s Research account with the caption “Awkward” and a grimacing emoji, the video drew Ruhle’s ire, who claimed it was manipulated to depict Biden “struggle[d] to sit down in a missing chair.” Her impassioned response included a declaration: “You know, on this show we like to say that the truth matters, but only if you see it, so here is the full truth,” followed by the airing of an allegedly unedited video showing Biden eventually seated.

Ruhle staunchly defended Biden against claims of an “invisible chair,” asserting, “There was not an invisible chair. There was an actual chair behind him and he sat down after waiting for Secretary Austin’s introduction.” Yet, the footage revealed Biden making movements towards the chair even before the emcee introduced Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Despite this, Ruhle condemned the GOP’s reaction as “ridiculous, disgusting, and offensive,” considering the solemnity of the occasion.

Criticism extended to a tweet from hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, which Ruhle interpreted as a disparagement of Dr. Jill Biden. While Ackman specifically lamented Biden’s alleged lack of decorum during a significant ceremony, Ruhle denounced his remarks as “disgusting.”

Former Democratic New York Congressman Max Rose joined the fray, echoing anti-Republican sentiments, accusing them of supporting fascism and authoritarianism abroad. He claimed Republicans’ mockery of the incident was a reflection of their disregard for democracy and veterans’ respect.


Ruhle concluded by dispelling notions of liberal bias in the media, insisting that MSNBC’s coverage was rooted in truth and facts. She labeled the dissemination of the alleged edited video as “disgusting on every level,” dismissing Republican claims of media bias as baseless.

It’s all BS… The media knows exactly how embarrassing this looks on the global stage. A president is supposed to be the face of the nation. Biden has no idea when he should sit or stand at a standard event.

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