Actor Shocks Fans with Surprising Election Announcement [Video]

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan on his Fox Nation program “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” actor Dennis Quaid made a surprising announcement. He declared that he plans to vote for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

When asked about his stance on Trump, Quaid confidently responded, “I myself, I think – I think I’m gonna vote for him in the next election. Yes, I am.” When Morgan questioned if Quaid was prepared to face the backlash that may come with his decision, the actor reassured him that he was. He firmly believes that everyone has to “take a side” and he has made up his mind.

Quaid further explained his reasoning behind his decision to vote for Trump, stating that he sees more than just politics at play. He believes there is a “weaponization” of our justice system and a direct challenge to our Constitution. Quaid also pointed out that Trump has been subjected to more investigations than any other person in history, yet nothing substantial has been found against him.

Morgan then brought up the recent case against Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Quaid expressed confusion over the case and questioned, “What is the crime? I still can’t figure it out.” This only strengthened his belief that Trump is constantly being scrutinized without just cause.

When Morgan asked if one has to like Trump personally to vote for him, Quaid responded with a resounding “no.” He went on to clarify that he didn’t necessarily like everything Trump said during his campaigns, but as a president, Trump has made impressive moves. Quaid cited his handling of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the Islamic State’s reign, and his stance on China as examples of his effective leadership.

Despite his past dislike for Trump, Quaid has grown to appreciate him as president. He humorously stated, “People might call him an a**hole, but he is my a**hole.” Quaid added that Trump’s priority is working for the American people, and that is what matters most.

As for President Joe Biden, Quaid shared his doubts about his ability to lead. “I don’t feel he’s at the helm. I don’t feel he’s there,” he expressed. Quaid also believes that Biden says things solely to win votes and does not truly stand by his words.

In the interview, Quaid also discussed his role as Ronald Reagan in the upcoming film “Reagan,” set to be released on August 30. Quaid considers Reagan to be his favorite president and shares that he voted for him in the 1980 election. He praised Reagan for governing on principles rather than just politics and believes that this quality made him a successful leader.

As the 20th anniversary of Reagan’s death approaches next week on June 5, Quaid’s admiration for the late president only adds to his conviction in his political views. Quaid firmly believes that America needs a strong leader like Reagan, and he sees those qualities in Trump.

Quaid believes that Trump is a strong leader who stands up to those who pose a threat to America. Quaid also sees similarities between Trump and his favorite president, Ronald Reagan, further solidifying his decision. Quaid’s words, “He is working for the American people. That’s what he’s all about,” resonates strongly with his support for Trump as president.

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