Watch: CNN in Shock as Hispanic Voters Abandon Biden: It’s Trump All The Way

“I can’t believe it,” exclaimed CNN Senior Political Data Reporter Harry Enten on Monday morning’s “CNN News Central” with co-anchor John Berman. Enten was reacting to new data that revealed a major shift in Hispanic voters’ support away from President Joe Biden and toward former President Donald Trump.

The data showed a 20-point swing in Hispanic voters’ support, from a 27-point lead for Biden to only a 7-point lead. “Oh my goodness gracious,” Enten said, making exaggerated hand gestures. It’s clear that even the establishment media can no longer ignore the fact that non-white voters have abandoned Biden in droves.

But despite this significant shift, the media has failed to expand their focus beyond the typical six or seven swing states. What about states with a large Hispanic population, like New Mexico and Nevada? Will Trump’s momentum there translate into polling leads like it has in Nevada and Arizona? These states seem to have been conveniently left out of the discussion.

The media’s reluctance to report on Trump’s gains with Hispanic voters in states like New Mexico, Virginia, New Jersey, and even New York shows their blatant bias. The establishment media continues to focus solely on the Great Lakes region, painting a very narrow and incomplete picture of the changing electorate.

It’s clear that the media’s agenda is to downplay Trump’s successes and inflate Biden’s lead in the key swing states. But ignoring states with a significant Hispanic population does a disservice to the American people and fails to accurately portray the current political landscape.

Why is the media so reluctant to report on these changes? Perhaps because it goes against their narrative that Trump is a racist and that minority voters will always reject him. The truth is, Hispanic voters, just like all other Americans, care about issues like inflation, foreign wars, and immigration. And with Biden’s disastrous policies causing chaos in these areas, it’s no wonder why they are turning towards Trump.

But the media’s liberal bias won’t allow them to admit this. They would rather focus on states that fit their agenda, disregarding other important swing states and the growing support for Trump among minority voters.


It’s time for the media to do their job and provide an accurate and unbiased account of the changing electorate. Ignoring Trump’s gains with Hispanic voters in states like New Mexico and Virginia only serves to further prove their bias and fuel the mistrust in the mainstream media.

As summer approaches and the 2022 midterm elections draw nearer, it’s crucial for the media to expand their focus and report on all the important swing states, not just a select few. The American people deserve the truth, not a carefully crafted narrative to fit the media’s agenda. It’s time for the establishment media to start doing their job and report the facts, not their biased opinions. It’s clear that the tide is turning in favor of Trump, and it’s time for the media to catch up.

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