Watch ‘The View’ Rushed In To Clean Up Biden’s ‘Maga Crowd’ Mess: ‘He’s Being Kind’

Hey, remember when Biden vowed to unite the country and claimed he would be ‘everyone president’, even his critics? I wonder if that’s what he thinks he was doing when he took to slamming conservatives last week? Biden mocked the ‘MAGA crowd’ and deemed Trump supporters “the most extreme political organization.”

The old groomer-in-chief went on a full-blown rant after he learned that the Supreme Cort plans to overturn Roe V Wade:

“This is about a lot more than abortion,” Biden said. “What are the next things that are going to be attacked? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history—-in recent American history.”

If Biden feels like his critics are all ‘extremists’ he has to accept the fact that his far-right values and socialist plans are what fueled the Make America Great Again movement in the first place. People want a return to normal and for the country to veer away from Castro socialism and Big Brother government—Does that make them crazy? I don’t think so.

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines, however, disagreed and continued to paint conservatives and pro-life Americans with a broad brush.

“I think he’s being kind when he says that they’re extreme,” Behar declared. “What we’ve been witnessing is people that want to overthrow democracy, who want to overthrow the government. You saw – everybody saw what happened on January 6th.”

“We see the Supreme Court dismissing a 50-year-old precedent, and I think that he’s talking about a cult of people who follow dear leader, and we know who that is, and I think he’s being very nice actually when he says they’re extreme,” she added.

Haines complained that Biden was receiving criticism for the comments and that he was meeting resistance despite trying “to do so many things” since taking office.

“When you look at – this is a group, and I think extreme is a nice way of putting it – people that perpetuate that the election was stolen. They kind of rewrote how everything went down on January 6.”

“I tend to think that not every conservative is MAGA, but MAGA, that’s the least you could say, is that they’re extreme,” she added.


Abortion is such a hot-button topic with people having strong opinions on both sides. That’s just a fact. The left, however, tried to paint everyone who disagrees with their policies as ‘extremist’ in an attempt to sway public opinion. Just like how they dub every critic a racist even when the argument has nothing to do with skin color.

It is just another pathetic attempt to vilify and duhumanise opposing views and I would hope that by now, the people can see through this noise and realize how badly they have been played.

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