Watch Your Drink MAGA Supporters, New Tok-Tok Trend Will Make You Sick

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One TikToker, not worth looking into, started her own little viral video calling for other liberals to spit in the drinks of Trump supporters they find at bars.

The deranged user was so enranged she struggled to form her thoughts for her short little clip saying, “Normalize spitting in the drinks of Trump supporters!” the septum-pierced women states. “Are you at a bar, or brewery or restaurant in which you did not expect to see a Trump supporter because their website and decor otherwise declared they are LGBTQIA+ friendly?”

She continued, “Maybe they have a pride flag; maybe they have a BLM flag in their window, but you still for some reason seen an ungodly Trump supporter and heaven forbid they’re also wearing Trump merchandise?!” From the description of this bar, I think we’re all pretty safe.”

“Well, take an unfinished drink from the table, spit in it, hand it over to them, and tell them that you bought them one. And then pray to whatever glorious creature gets you out of bed in the morning that they take a sip of it and suffer for the rest of the day,” she concludes. “Thank you, goodbye.”

Sick? Yeah… It’s also a crime.


I don’t know what it is with liberals and spitting—But it’s a thing. This isn’t the first time I have seen a liberal suggesting to spit in the consumables of Trump supporters but the madness extends to pretty much everything they’re against. For instance, going back several years, liberals have suggested fast-food workers spit on the food of police officers. More recently, politicians.

They’re sick with it.

But, as I said, it IS a crime—So if you see it, report it. Ironically, a crime that is taken even more seriously since the start of the pandemic.



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