WH Caught Red-Handed Trying To Cover For The Biden Crime Family

In the ongoing investigation into the Biden crime family, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has once again uncovered shocking evidence of corruption. Recently, the committee released a video that shows a direct link between a Chinese energy company and President Joe Biden’s bank account. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the president’s financial dealings and potential abuse of power. However, rather than cooperating with the committee’s investigation, the Biden White House has chosen to stonewall and obstruct the inquiry.

The committee shared in a Friday evening social media post that the White House “made clear” they would not be providing loan documents related to Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, despite the committee’s findings that show “loan repayments” from James to Joe were funded by laundered Chinese money. Chairman James Comer stated, “Is this what ‘the most transparent administration in history’ is supposed to look like?” Clearly, this is not the transparency that the Biden administration promised.

The committee’s message was met with outrage from concerned Americans. Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz commented, “Keep digging.” The committee’s determination to uncover the truth about the Bidens and their corruption is clear. They will not be deterred by the White House’s stonewalling. In fact, the committee announced in a separate statement on Saturday that they are not backing down from their investigation. They also criticized the media for their complicity in shielding the Biden administration from accountability.

The establishment media has consistently ignored or downplayed the mounting evidence of corruption surrounding the Biden family. In their post, the committee declared that “it’s time for Corporate Media to wake up and report on one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history.” They further accused the Biden administration of continuously stonewalling and promised that accountability will come. And they’re right—there must be consequences for the crimes and corruption committed by the Bidens.

The Biden administration has been a disaster on multiple fronts, and the American people are starting to take notice. From fueling inflation and turning a blind eye to the border crisis, to presiding over a shameful display of incompetence on the global stage, this administration has proven itself incapable of leading the nation. It’s no wonder that President Biden’s approval ratings are dismal.

There is also the issue of the ongoing persecution of former President Donald Trump, a top political opponent of the Biden family. Though the left constantly upholds the false idea that the Democratic party is fighting against corruption and upholding transparency, this attack on Trump shows that they are only interested in maintaining their own power. The Biden family is willing to do whatever it takes to silence their political opponents and prevent the truth about their corruption from being revealed.

The stakes are incredibly high, and the American people deserve to know the truth about the Biden crime family. We must be grateful to the Oversight Committee and Chairman Comer for their unwavering determination in uncovering the truth. It’s clear that the future of our country and its citizens is at stake, and we cannot back down now. There will be accountability for the Biden family’s crimes, and it’s up to the American people to ensure that justice is served.

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