WOW Black Lawmakers Suggests Black Voters Are Too Stupid For Politics

The hypocrisy of woke politicians has become a predictable narrative in today’s political arena. The latest offender? Democratic Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett, who suggested that black Americans are too ignorant to understand politics. During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Crockett attempted to explain away new poll numbers that show President Joe Biden’s popularity dropping among key swing states and even among black voters.

In an offensive statement, she implied that the reason for this shift is because black Americans are not intelligent enough to understand the current political situation.

Crockett’s statements came after a recent poll by The New York Times showed Biden struggling in crucial swing states and even among black voters. The results of the survey were alarming, with former Obama adviser David Axelrod expressing concern about Biden’s sinking approval ratings. It’s clear that Americans of all backgrounds are feeling the effects of the current administration’s policies – high costs of living, border security concerns, and the prospect of another world war.

However, Crockett, like many other Democrats, is unwilling to acknowledge that the black community is also suffering under the Biden administration. Instead, she suggested that black Americans are ready to walk away from Democrats because they are not smart enough to understand what is best for them.

In her own words, Crockett stated, “Perception is reality.” She went on to say that “their feelings are dictating their reality, and their reality is that they felt better when Trump was in office.” Essentially, she is suggesting that black Americans are gaslighting themselves by choosing to support former President Donald Trump over Biden.

But her offensive comments did not stop there. Crockett went on to state that black Americans have a “perception issue” and also lack understanding of how civics work in this country. She even cited the support of some African American artists for Trump, claiming that they don’t understand that their checks came from Congress, not from the former president.

It’s a troubling display of hypocrisy and racism to suggest that the black community is not capable of understanding the issues at hand. There is no evidence to support the idea that the black community is less intelligent than any other voting demographic. And yet, Crockett made these bold claims without providing any factual evidence to back them up.

Many have taken to social media to call her out for her statements, with commentator Tomi Lahren saying, “Wow! This is bad.” Lahren is not alone in her outrage over Crockett’s statements, as many Americans are tired of the constant insults from woke politicians who feel entitled to the black vote.

The reality is that the Democratic party has long taken the black vote for granted. They assume that because of historical ties to the party and promises of benefits, the black community will blindly support them. But as the poll numbers and vocal dissatisfaction among black Americans show, this is no longer the case.

It’s time for politicians like Crockett to stop insulting their constituents and start addressing the real issues at hand. The black community deserves respect and intelligent discourse, not thinly veiled racism dressed up as political commentary. It’s time for all Americans to come together and demand better representation from our leaders, regardless of their party affiliation.

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