Whoa: Did This ‘The View’ Host Admit To Committing Voter Fraud?! [Video]

This is a huge red flag for me… Sunny Hostin from ‘The View’ says she voted ‘for’ her son who is away at college. While the host stopped herself from saying too much, she certainly said enough to raise a few questions! Hostin’s son is away at college in Harvard and the host explained that she delivered his absentee ballot for him—Which could be considered fraud by itself if she isn’t his

The segment began after Whoopi Goldberg jumped all over Hostin for being on her phone during the show. “It’s my son!”, Hostin explained seeming a little dazed.

She continued, “Who, by the way, wanted to make sure that his absentee ballot was –” Hostin paused to chose her words carefully, “that I did that and I had trouble actually voting for him absentee ballot today and that made me very concerned. It’s the first time.”

She went on to try to explain why her text messages were so important saying, “I was told to put it in the orange bag on the floor and the orange bag to me looked like a Target bag or something. And I said, “Isn’t there a formal election box that says absentee ballots or something like that?” And then she said, “let me check.” And then found it.”

Hostin’s son is away at Harvard— The host has pointed that out in the past several time. However, he apparently is still registered to vote in New York where Hostin delivered his ballot. This only raises more questions. First, did her son drive home to fill out the ballot himself or did Hostins do that for him? If he did drive home to vote, why didn’t he just deliver it himself?

Watch- Video via MRCTV

Here’s another question; let’s say the ballot was delivered to Harvard because if he updated his voter information, as we are all required to do, why wouldn’t he just mail it back in?

I think it sounds like Hostin just admitted to committing voter fraud. Even if she didn’t fill out the ballot for him, it still has to be signed and sealed by him—I wonder what happened there? I don’t think Hostin said enough to be brought up on charges. She was careful with her words in a sense, but she said just enough to raise several red flags in my opinion.

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