WTF? Parents’ Rights Law Brought Psaki To Tears But Not This?

In a war between White Press Sec vs former White House Press Sec the current Secretary broke out in big fake tears over Florida’s ‘Parent’s rights in education’ law. Psaki made all the motions like she was crying but in reality, not a tear was shed. Former White House Press Sec

Jessica Yellin of the News Not Noise podcast, Psaki discussed what she referred to as “political games” and “harsh and cruel attempts at laws or laws that we’re seeing in some states like Florida,” which she claimed, “are not a reflection of the country moving to oppose LGBTQ+ communities.”

When it comes to the popularity of such laws, as Guy recently pointed out, the Florida parental rights in education law has support even among Democratic voters.

“This is a political wedge issue,” Psaki continued, claiming it was “an attempt to win a culture war, and they’re doing that in a way that is harsh and cruel to a community of kids, especially,” before becoming a tearful wreck and doubling down on her lamenting that “it’s horrible, but, you know, it’s like kids, who are bullied and just all these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families and you look at some of these laws in these states and they’re just going after parents who are in loving relationships, who have kids. It’s completely outrageous, um, but it is a wedge issue.”

Psaki did aptly point out that “this is an issue that makes me completely crazy.”

Psaki’s predecessor, Kayleigh McEnany, who was press secretary under the Trump administration, fired back at Psaki saying that [she] “should cry about the 62 million children that do not exist, that have been aborted because of Roe v. Wade, a heinous, heinous decision in this country that has exterminated about one-fifth of the United States population.” McEnany continued by suggesting that “if you want to cry, don’t cry about forcing sexuality on kindergartners. That is sick. Cry about the 62 million children who can’t even go to kindergarten.”


Now watch McEnany’s response:

DeSantis was able to launch and pass the new law in less than 30 days—Pretty impressive given the fight liberals put up.

“The last couple years have really revealed to parents that they are being ignored increasingly across our country when it comes to their kids’ education,” DeSantis said.



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