You Won’t Believe What Biden’s Assistant Secretary Of Health Is Okaying For Kids

I understand Dems like to pander to the LGBTQ but this is too much. Biden actually appointed a transwoman to be the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. The problem here lies in Levine’s beliefs. The Assistant Secretary of Health is supposed to be worried about the health of Americans but Levine actually believes that minors should have access to puberty blockers…

“Levine tweeted about it back in 2020.

“A new study has found that #Transgender youth with access to a puberty blocker have decline in chances of suicide + #mentalhealth problems now and in the future. This study is important because it’s the first to show this specific association.”

With this therapy, doctors can inject a compound or use an implant that mimics the actions of a puberty-stimulating hormone that is released in the brain known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The compound makes the pituitary gland less sensitive to that hormone and, in doing so, it essentially pauses puberty. It’s a noninvasive process that can be reversed. Puberty starts again after the drugs are stopped.”

It is very important for medical professionals to understand scientific studies like this,” Levine said. She pointed out several clinics in Pennsylvania that can provide this kind of care, although most are located in large urban areas. Access would be much more difficult for children in rural Pennsylvania and in other areas of the country and she said she hopes that changes.

The study, she said, points to why access is so important, counter to some political movements to deny children such access.
“It is also critically important as far as policy,” Levine said, “that policymakers do not get in the way of medical standards of care.”
Minors should not be altering their bodies to this extent. They have enough to contend with as awkward teens. The last thing they need is body-altering drugs. Suicidal teens regardless of what’s causing them strife should be seeking therapy. This whole trans movement affects less than 1% of the population, there is no reason to encourage puberty blockers or any other gender morphing medical procedures.
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