You Won’t Believe What Scientists Are Claiming Is Racist Now.

This is what happens when Liberals indoctrinate the youth of our nation. They find ways to be offended by anything. Some scientists are making the most ridiculous claim yet. They say that Geology, the study of rocks, is racist. Last time I checked there were only sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. I was totally unaware that there was racist rock… But in all seriousness, these scientists claim that because black geologists have to wield a hammer and they fear the police, Geology is racist…

Top geologists condemned systemic white supremacy in the field of geoscience, which concerns the study of earth and rocks, in a manifesto published at the scientific journal Nature Communications. The academics claim black people are hesitant to take up geology because they fear being killed while handling basic geology tools as a result of the stereotype associated with black people “holding objects.”

“As the geosciences strive to be more accessible, the community must recognize that BIPOC and other marginalized geoscientists are not always safe in geoscience spaces,” the article said. “Holding objects (e.g., a rock hammer) has been viewed as ‘suspicious’ and, continues to be, used as a reason to call the police on Black people, which can lead to the death of Black individuals, entirely because of racial profiling and an unjustified fear of Black people.”

The manifesto, which was spearheaded by Fort Hays State University geology professor Hendratta Ali and signed by 20 academics, asserts that the lack of black geologists demonstrates the bigoted roots of the science.”

If you were to use this thread of— we’ll call it logic then almost everything is racist. Construction workers use sledgehammers, saws, nail guns, the list goes on. Chefs use knives, and meat tenderizing hammers. This is such a B.S. claim. These “scientists” have clearly taken one too many rocks to the head and need to stop.

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