Former CIA Director Reveals Why It Was So Important That We Leave The WHO

When Biden took office the first thing he did is try and erase Trump’s accomplishments. But the thing is Trump was trying to do what is best for Americans, Biden didn’t understand that. So he immediately had us rejoin the World Health Organization and we can only hope that he didn’t know why we left in the first place. Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo explained we had a good reason to leave as he claims the WHO is by no means a neutral organization.

During an interview with Fox News Pompeo said the following.

“I must say the reason we left the World Health Organization was because we came to believe that it was corrupt,” Pompeo said. “It had been politicized. It was bending a knee to General Secretary Xi Jinping in China. I hope that’s not the case here with what they’ve announced today.”

“I’ll look forward to seeing their reports and analysis, but I don’t believe it’s the case that they got the access they needed,” he added.

“I hope they got to see all the data, all the science, into the lab, talk to the doctors, interview them in private, in places where they could actually tell the truth about what took place,” he continued. “Not under the supervision of a Communist Party person sitting in the back of the room making sure that they toed the Communist Party line. I look forward to seeing their results. I continue to know that there was significant evidence that this may well have come from that laboratory.”

The WHO never even really cleared the Wuhan Lab in question. They claimed they did, but China just gave them data on the lab and the WHO signed off on it. But that’s not the worst of it, not only did we rejoin the WHO, which seems allied with China, we are also funding the Lab again. So who knows what virus will come next from this American taxpayer-funded Chinese lab.

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