Al Sharpton Tries To Re-Write History To Bash Trump

You can tell Dems are looking to talk about race whenever they bring on Al Sharpton. This time it was during an interview segment with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. Wallace broached the subject of Trump and what it will take for Americans to vote against him in 2024. Wallace’s other guest Claire McCaskill then brought up race to get Sharpton more involved.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Claire, I saw James Carville make some comments about Democrats getting themselves on offense. Democrats, this president, passed the one thing — Donald Trump never seemed interested in governing in any arena except infrastructure. And President Joe Biden passed the one thing that Donald Trump actually seemed to care about doing, which was passing a massive infrastructure bill. What will it take for Democrats to, sort of, psychologically get themselves on offense politically?

CLAIRE MCCASKILL: Well, I think one of the things that happened here is that when we control the House, the Senate, and the White House, everyone began reaching for what they believed was possible rather than what was probably realistic in a 50/50 Senate. I mean even though Joe Biden won in a free and fair election, and won decisively, it was still closer than it had any right to be in this country.

And that’s what Democrats need to remember. Just because we won doesn’t mean that all of a sudden Trump and the people who follow him are going to magically disappear. And so you have to fight that on offense with good candidates, good campaigns, high enthusiasm. And we have got to stop the in-fighting. “Are you too progressive? Are you too moderate?” You know, we have got to come together and realize that there is 25% of the Republican Party that knows Trump is full of you know what.


MCCASKILL: Twenty-five percent, that’s a big number. We’ve got to get that 25%, and we have got to win the majority of the independents. That’s our task. And I just got ask the Rev. I mean, I looked at that rally, and I listened to what he said, that white people were being denied the vaccine, the clear message that black people were being prioritized for the vaccine over white people. Everyone knows what he was trying to do. He was trying to get people to be mad at black people. What did those black people sitting behind him think when he said that? I’m like — it’s like, I don’t get that.

AL SHARPTON: I mean, it was — well, the fact that we all saw them sitting there, clearly they were put there for the optics. There was one guy that went around the whole 2020 race with a Blacks for Trump sign. It seems like now he’s got more. And they are put there strategically so that he can say the most racist things and not look racist, because they all just automatically — I mean who gets a group of people, Blacks for Trump, and, and, and just happens to sit there, and happen to get within camera view? I mean, no one could be that stupid to think that that just happened to be they got the good seats. That is choreographed so he can sell racism and look like he’s not a racist. And I think it is something that we all ought to deplore.

I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about who he props up. I would waste my time telling people, I would spend my time telling people, whites that he says that you’re being discriminated against, this is the same man, when he was president, that denied it was a pandemic until it had broken out all over the country, and then he told you to use bleach. If there was anyone that hurt whites and blacks with the pandemic, it’s Donald Trump.”

Watch The Clip Below.

There are just so many things wrong with what Sharpton is claiming. First off liberals like Sharpton can’t handle the fact that there are black people and Hispanics that support Trump. That’s why he will go to lengths to attack them if they do.

But to top off his hateful remarks, Sharpton made some false claims about Trump and COVID. Dems fail to remember that Trump set up travel bans in an attempt to stop COVID from coming to our country, and when he did Dems called him Xenophobic. And the inject bleach bit is so ridiculous. He didn’t say anyone should use bleach like that, he was just talking about ways to kill the virus and how bleach kills it. He was being hopeful that there was something like that you could take that would only kill the virus. But the MSM of course made it out like he was telling people to inject bleach.

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