Did You See Rand Paul Give The Real SOTU Address? Well, Here It Is… [Video]

Sen Rand Paul [KY] delivered a better State of The Union Address than Biden, in my opinion. His speech was more on point, honest, and outlined the actual current state of the union. Biden offered the US political propaganda, while Paul disguised real issued:

“Tonight, you heard a speech by someone who doesn’t know what’s going on in the union,” Paul began. “Or at least he is hoping you don’t know.”

“What’s the state of the union? Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to the worst crisis in Europe since World War II. Massive inflation is everywhere, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the malaise of Jimmy Carter,” Paul said. “Parents are frustrated from almost two years of bureaucrats messing with their kids’ schooling. Everyday Americans seeing their freedom, jobs, and livelihoods stolen from them by petty tyrants drunk on power with lockdowns and mandates.”

Paul eviscerated Biden for all of his policy failures from his first year in office. “The state of the union — is frankly pretty poor, and Americans are largely unhappy with Biden’s performance,” Paul said emphatically.

Statistics show that he is right. Biden is polling at horrifically low levels. Inflation is decimating households, approaching the highest levels ever recorded. Then, Paul highlighted concerns over our country’s soaring national debt. Paul also addressed supply chain shortages and skyrocketing food prices that have left people’s bank accounts and refrigerators emptier than in recent years. The nirvana that Biden presented in his speech isn’t based in any reality.

“Of course, that’s if you can even get the food. Supply chain issues from our COVID policies have continued to bring empty shelves and late deliveries of just about every item in our economy,” Paul said. “From meat to used cars, from raw materials to boatloads of goods, the delays are ongoing.”

Paul has been a crusader against overturning the country’s mask mandates. Frequently, he has claimed they were nothing more than tyrannical theatrics — a claim that has new currency now that mask mandates were suddenly dropped in the Capitol just in time for Biden’s State of the Union. Suffice to say, that is quite the coincidence.

Furthermore, whereas Biden kept fibbing about his utopia, Paul addressed the reality of COVID-19 restrictions put into effect by Democrats throughout the country. “Our two years of lockdowns, ballooning national debt, and out-of-control inflation threaten our national security,” Paul said. “Congress added trillions of dollars in new debt to pay people to stay home from the lockdowns that Congress mandated.”

Paul also tackled the social justice topics of the moment.

“Parents are being told they’re not in charge of their kids’ education, then watching as critical race theory and extreme gender issues are brought into their small children’s classrooms — that’s if their kids are even meeting in person in a classroom at all,” he said.

“Biden and his followers want you to believe they’re following the science, but it looks more like political science to many of us,” he continued. “There have been many casualties of the Biden policies so far: science, freedom, prosperity, strength in the world.”

But it wasn’t just Biden whom Paul criticized. He appropriately went after the president’s enablers in Congress.

“Democrats in Congress who clapped and cheered tonight bear much of the blame as well,” he said. “They passed the spending bills and enabled the appointees who have made this mess.”

Most importantly, unlike the false realities created in Biden’s speech, Paul was able to end on an optimistic path and provide guidance on how the country can recover from Biden’s first year in office.

“Thankfully, one thing I can say without flinching about Americans is that the state of our union can and will bounce back,” he said. “We can get our spending under control. We can retake our freedom. We can stop the left from taking over our schools, and we can fix our foreign policy again. … It starts now. Parents are fighting back. People are listening to other voices with real science on their side. And men and women are running for office to take back Congress. Next year, I am hopeful the message will be better, our outlook brighter. For now, keep fighting and hoping, and our best days can and will be in our future.”

Watch Video Below

Biden used most of his time to promote his ‘build back better’ plan and tried to spend Democrats as the ‘law and order’ party after how many years of pushing that ‘defund’ nonsense?

H/T Washington Examiner


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