The People’s Convoy Should Hit Washington D.C. By This Weekend!

Liberals must be losing their minds. We already know that the Biden administration has been afraid of this day—Just look at the fence they built around the Capitol, but the time has come. The Americans are unhappy with how this country has been mishandled and now lawmakers will have to face the music as protesters prepare to demonstrate outside of the Capitol this weekend.

The growing convoy of protester, dubbed ‘The People’s Convoy’, should arrive as early as Saturday, reporter Jason Paladino told The Grid. Similar protests have sprung up around the nation but the reporter explained that ‘The Peoples Convoy’ is currently the largest:

Paladino: “We expect the largest convoy, dubbed the “People’s Convoy,” to reach the Washington, D.C., area on Saturday, March 5, although organizer Maureen Steele said Monday that “everything is so fluid, so it could be a day later or a day earlier.”

The Gris asked is the convoy was shrinking:

Paladino: “The People’s Convoy appears to have grown substantially since leaving California Feb. 23.

Grid observed the convoy in Missouri Monday, using the state’s traffic cameras. We estimated at least 500 participating vehicles, although it was hard to distinguish non-convoy trucks and other vehicles from those with drivers participating in the convoy. Many pickup trucks with large flags were visible. In some areas, people lined the freeways to watch them pass.

Online, the convoy’s following has grown. Aniano said the convoy’s followings on various social media platforms have moved from the hundreds to the thousands in the past few days. “That’s interesting because it’s one of the few kind of quantifiable metrics I have to determine whether or not this is gaining traction,” she added. “And it would seem that it is.”

Its progress has come with some headaches, though. As the convoy moved through Oklahoma on Monday, several of its drivers were involved in a crash that brought traffic to a halt for 30 minutes. Oklahoma State Troopers said that several people were injured and the accident was under investigation. Afterward, organizers warned convoy’s automobile drivers not to cut in between semi trucks, and that all drivers should “not take your hands off the steering wheel to waive [sic] or take pictures of people on the on ramp.”

On their website, protesters shared a message for lawmakers:

“We are truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists. WE ARE, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,  married, single, divorced, separated, gay, straight. WE ARE Black, White, Asian, Native American. WE ARE immigrants, natives: WE ARE citizens of the free world.

To our elected officials that believe they rule us:  YOU work for US.  Our constitution was written to provide enough power to act on a national level, but not enough to deprive the people of fundamental rights.  The people are prepared to see this challenge through — as we have seen through all challenges to our Freedom in the past.  And we will prevail and prosper.  

To our brave and courageous neighbors to the North — our Canadian brothers and sisters who led the charge — we join your call to Freedom with THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY. “

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