Jim Banks Battle Speech For House GOP, You’re ‘Last Line Of Defense’ Against Biden’s Agenda

The Biden administration has gone unchecked for the last two years and though, the Republican majority in the House will be slight, Rep Jim Banks explained that hope is not lost. The Republican lawmaker seemed to rally the troops telling House GOP members to get ready, they are the ‘last line of defense’ for Americans against Biden’s agendas. Banks made the remarks during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” regarding his expectation that Republicans would win a slim House majority and must work together to defeat the Left’s policies over the next two years.

“Republicans will win the majority,” he said. “It will be a very slim majority, but we have an opportunity over the next two years to be the last line of defense to block the Biden agenda, and if we do that effectively and pass legislation that addresses the issues that the American people care about, bringing down inflation and gas prices, the border, the drug crisis in America, and the national security issues that keep America safe, I believe we can grow this slim majority into a much more healthier majority in the 2024 election.”

Banks noted the difficulty in passing legislation with the Senate under the Left’s control, emphasizing that the GOP has a duty to reduce costs for Americans.

“We have a responsibility to do that. Take inflation for example and energy production. Republicans said all along our top priority will be to make America energy independent again,” he added. “And I think we can do that in a way, putting bills on the floor with consensus among Republicans and a Republican plan to do that I would hope Democrats would come along and vote for too.”

The congressman’s words come as neither party has definitively won the House. Republicans are currently projected to win 211 of the 218 seats needed to form a majority.


More than a dozen election results are still undecided, embarrassingly so, but at this time it does look like Republicans will take the House. This will give lawmakers the ability to challenge the administration, block policies, and strike investigations.


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