Seattle At The Brink Of Disaster & Only Libs To Blame

Liberals are so delusional that they thought getting rid of the police was a good idea. Last summer they were rioting and causing mayhem and demanding the police be defunded. Unfortunately, it looks like it worked. Now they are so short-staffed in Seattle that they are calling it a level 3 emergency and are struggling to answer 9-1-1 calls.

In what the president of Seattle’s Police Guild calls an “unprecedented move,” the department moved to “Stage 3” operations Wednesday.

That means detectives and other non-patrol units will serve as first responders to 9-1-1 calls.

The department has already lost more than 300 officers in the past year, and hundreds more could face termination next week if they don’t comply with the vaccine order.

The SPD staffing crisis has become so dire, police union president Mike Solan is warning about what’s next, as the department mobilizes to “Stage 3″—an emergency scenario because of a shortage of officers.”

At this point, every member of the SPD, regardless of their normal assignment, is coming to work in uniform and ready to hit the streets if required. And according to the Police Guild, it’s still not enough. They’ve already lost more than 300 officers in the past year.

The timing couldn’t be worse because the deadline is approaching on Monday for all police officers to obey the executive mandate that they receive the COVID vaccine or be placed on extended leave without pay. To date, 98 officers are in the process of seeking exemptions. Another 186 haven’t turned in any paperwork regarding their vaccination status. Since exemptions have rarely been granted, this potentially puts the city at risk of losing more than 250 additional officers this week, and they simply can’t absorb that sort of loss.”

So detectives who normally work on murder cases and missing persons are now going to be answering 9-1-1 calls instead. These Seattle Libs have made it a criminal’s paradise now. But I guess that’s what they wanted all along.

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