Oops! Fetterman’s Staffer Screws Up, Leaks List Of ‘Puppet’ Reporters To OMG Undercover Agent

Democratic Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has been caught, yet again, in an unethical scheme involving his office operations. This time, his Special Assistant, Luke Borwegan, was subjected to undercover recordings by O’Keefe Media Group, which revealed a sinister list of approved ‘puppet journalists.’

What Borwegan means by this list is that Fetterman’s staff approves select journalists to cover their desired narrative. This list of journalists includes MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough, as well as “Pod Save America” hosts and former New York Times reporter Kara Swisher.

Unbelievably, Borwegan mentioned that “We [the office] should tell them to [expletive] off, and they can’t do anything about it. Because they need us more than we need them,” as they are the ones with newsworthy stories about Fetterman that circulate across the mainstream media. He went on to say that, “I only pick reporters who we know will paint the narrative the way we want,” proving that Fetterman’s office does not provide unbiased information to journalists.

Borwegan even admitted to granting Scarborough an interview, only to call him “sucks” afterward. While the Democratic Senator conducted an interview with “Pod Save America,” where he was likely able to pass off his desired narrative without any scrutiny. On top of all this, Borwegan let slip that Fetterman would potentially support “overturning the Second Amendment”, effectively taking guns away from citizens of the United States.

The bottom line here is that it’s incredibly unethical for Fetterman to approve specific journalists to push a predetermined narrative. Journalists should be free to exercise their right to independent news gathering, instead of being strong-armed into enacting a preconceived story while ignoring the facts.


At the same time, people have the right to know the truth and be free from the possible manipulation of information. It’s clear that Fetterman’s ‘list of ‘puppet journalists’ threatens to impede the dissemination of accurate information and violates the public trust.

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