Pathetic: 2 Months Later…Pentagon Is Only Now Looking Into Stranded Americans

I guess the lives of at least 100 Americans is no concern of the Pentagon or the Biden Admin… The Pentagon is now claiming that they are going to create a database, so they can find out how many Americans are still stranded over there, and then once they have the database completed they are going to start trying to recover Americans. So it looks like stranded Americans are still on their own for now. Maybe they can get one of our allies to help them…

“There are well over 100 extended family members still in Afghanistan, but it’s not clear how many of them want to leave the country,” NBC News states, citing the officials.

So now, months after we stranded them, the Pentagon is finally planning to make an effort to evacuate the remaining American family members that have been living in a country that is a breeding ground for ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Back in late September, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul (R) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he stated, “If we abandon the family members of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, they will certainly be slaughtered by the Taliban.” He wrote:

“The United States’ deadly and chaotic exit from Afghanistan has left a stain on our country for generations. Many Americans have been left behind by the Biden Administration and thousands, if not tens of thousands of our Afghan partners and their families were also abandoned.

Over the last month, I have been contacted by hundreds of Texans who are desperately trying to get friends and family members safely out of the country. While we have been able to help some, many are trapped. There are reports of several hundred of people, including American citizens, who have been waiting over a week for charted flights to take off from Mazar-i-Sharif airport.

That includes the family members of several Texans who currently serve in the military. They have been working night and day to safely evacuate their family members. But their efforts so far have not been successful. These brave men and women have volunteered to risk their lives to protect our country. Yet, now, when they need us the most, the federal government has turned our backs on them. If we abandon the family members of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, they will certainly be slaughtered by the Taliban.

I am asking for you to provide me with details of how many U.S. service members have family currently trapped in Afghanistan and your agencies are doing to secure their evacuation.”

We are the wealthiest country in the world, and it used to be that we were the best at everything, but we have allowed Dem to ruin us. We really have an egg on our face this time and for some reason, Biden is leaving it there. We could easily recover these stranded Americans, but instead, we are focused on flying illegals into the country and pushing through trillion-dollar spending bills. Looks like the American people could not matter less to this Administration. I know people say he’s ‘not my president,’ in anger but in this case, you have to wonder just who is he supposed to be representing. There are Americans stranded right now in Afghanistan and we are forming a database only now? Two months after abandoning them.

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