Senator Karen Strikes Again This Time Demanding We Ruin The SCOTUS

Fauxcahontus has taken on a new name after the Elon Musk Twitter exchange. Musk dubbed her Senator Karen after she came after him for not paying enough taxes when he is going to be paying an astronomical amount of taxes this year. But Sen Karen wasn’t done there, after her hissy fit on Twitter, she wrote an essay on The Boston Globe demanding we ruin the Supreme Court of the United States by adding 4 Liberal justices.

In the essay, Warren noted that a majority of justices on the Court “signaled their willingness to gut one of the court’s most important decisions over the past century, threatening to eliminate Roe v. Wade and a person’s right to choose.”

She argued it is not the first time this “extremist court has threatened, or outright dismantled, fundamental rights in this country,” claiming that the Court’s conservative majority has issued a series of decisions that veer from “both basic principles of law and widely held public opinion.”

“With each move, the court shows why it’s important to restore America’s faith in an independent judiciary committed to the rule of law,” Warren wrote. “To do that, I believe it’s time for Congress to yet again use its constitutional authority to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court. I don’t come to this conclusion lightly or because I disagree with a particular decision; I come to this conclusion because I believe the current court threatens the democratic foundations of our nation.”

Warren  later went “on to accuse Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of having “hijacked” the Supreme Court.”

Dems have been threatening this for a while now. The SCOTUS has had liberal leans and conservative leans throughout the years, Warren is just upset that the court now has a conservative lean. But Warren should direct her anger at Ginsberg instead, she selfishly wanted Hillary Clinton to appoint her successor and that was never going to happen. Obama even met with Ginsberg asking her to step down. So if anyone is to blame it is the Justices for not stepping down when there was a like-minded leader in office. We should not make a mockery of the SCOTUS and pack the court for any party.

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