The MSM Falls Back On Favorite Scapegoat As Biden Fails To Make Any Real Progress

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The MSM has made it pretty apparent that Biden can do no wrong. You can really tell as they have been handling Biden with kids gloves throwing him softball questions and even trying to guide him through interviews when he gets lost. Dems even forgave Biden for attacking Tara Reade, or more likely just didn’t care. Supposed Victim’s Activist Alyssa Milano had to be pushed into accepting Reade was a victim due to her allegiance to Biden. So now that we are over a month in and Biden has not stopped COVID in its tracks, like Dems thought he would. But it’s ok the MSM knows who to blame, none other than former President Trump…

ASHLEY PARKER: The Biden administration is still dealing with the aftermath, in many ways, of Trumpism.

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MICHAEL STEELE: Um, look. I get a lot of folks coming at the Biden administration about, okay, why hasn’t this happened, and what are you doing about this, and what are you doing about that? Can we just check that for a moment? And understand that this administration is now doing what should have been done a year ago?

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DR. IRWIN REDLENER: But you know, a lot of what we’re talking about really is to, to emphasize what Michael Steele was just saying. There’s a lot of damage that has to be undone. Damage caused by the incredible incompetence and misinformation that was promoted by the Trump administration. And so, much of the work that’s being done now by the Biden team, is to try to neutralize some of that horrendous damage. It’s going to be really difficult to reverse. 

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NICOLLE WALLACE: And Ashley, speaking of sort of unwinding the legacy of the last administration . . . This is an all-hands-on-deck effort, that again reveals the extreme negligence of the last team. 

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This is nuts. Trump pushed through vaccines and even closed down travel to heavily infected countries, despite Dems calling him xenophobic. Biden is still working with Trump’s plan right now. But Dems can’t admit that. They can’t say Trump set us up to succeed. It would undermine the Biden Administration’s goal to erase Trump’s accomplishments.

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