Alarming Study Shows Academia Field Discriminates Against Conservatives

This is a massive issue that needs to get a lot more air time. Liberals have not only taken over the field of academics, they are now discriminating against conservatives in a big way. It’s not just conservatives speakers or students, teachers are also getting treated poorly just for being conservatives. In fact, the study claims 1 in 3 students/Academics claim they have been disciplined, or threatened.

Academic freedom is in crisis on American campuses. Last year, the National Association of Scholars recorded 65 instances of professors being disciplined or fired for protected speech, a fivefold increase from the year before. Yet many of academia’s defenders brush aside worries about dismissal campaigns and the lack of ideological diversity as little more than a collection of anecdotes cherry-picked to feed a right-wing moral panic.

My new report for the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology gives the lie to these claims. Based on eight comprehensive surveys of academic and graduate-student opinion across the U.S., Canada, and Britain, it buttresses the findings of numerous studies to provide hard data on the absence of viewpoint diversity and the presence of discrimination against conservative and gender-critical scholars. High-profile activist excesses are mere symptoms of a much wider problem of progressive authoritarianism. Roughly 1 in 3 conservative academics and graduate students has been disciplined or threatened with disciplinary action. A progressive monoculture empowers radical activist staff and students to violate the freedom of political minorities like conservatives or “gender-critical” feminists, who believe in the biological basis of womanhood—all in the name of emotional safety or social justice.

Political discrimination is pervasive: 4 in 10 American academics indicated in a survey this summer that they would not hire a known Trump supporter for a job.”

So by these stats, 40% of Academics will not hire a Trump supporter and even when they hire them they threaten 33% of them with disciplinary action. So no wonder there are fewer and fewer conservatives teachers at schools. This a clear case of discrimination and we need to fix it as a nation. Otherwise, we are practically gift wrapping the youth of our nation and giving them to the Democrat party. Is that what we want for the future of our nation?

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