Transwoman Tears Into Radical Liberals For Oppressing Women

Well, that’s unexpected… Radical Libs have been stomping on the rights of actual women to cater to confused men. We see this in sports all the time where women are being dominated in their own leagues by men that are identifying as women. So in a surprising turn of events, a trans woman of 30+ years has come forward to shame the organizations that are oppressing real females. The female advocate is claiming it’s unfair for confused men to play on female sports teams.

Transsexual Corrina Cohn gave testimony to Indiana Lawmakers in support of their latest bill HB 1041 that aims to ban confused men from female sports during K to 12th grade.

“I am an independent and have voted for principled members of each party,” Cohn told lawmakers Monday. “I’m here to speak in support of HB 1041, which aims to strengthen the rights for girls and young women competing in sport.”

“My testimony today is based on my personal opinion as a transsexual,” Cohn continued. “That is, a person who was born male and used pharmaceutical hormones and plastic surgery to feminize my body so that I appear to be a woman. Despite having these procedures, my sex is male and neither science nor medicine can change that.”

I began this process as a teenager, and although my testosterone levels have been in the female range for nearly 30 years, male puberty has endowed me with physical advantages such as height, bone structure, and increased lung capacity. For example, I stand 5’10”, which puts me in the 99th percentile for women’s height. I am just an inch shorter than the elite women athletes in the WNBA. The average male is 5 inches taller than the average female. Banning males from participating in women’s and girls’ sports would be justified on this basis alone.

Everyone can use their own eyes to observe how these advantages play out in the real world,” The most recent example is the University fo Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male who has broken numerous school and national records, records women will be unlikely to ever match,” Cohn said.

“If more males like Lia are permitted to compete against women, it will become common to see women marginalized in their own sport category,” Cohn continued. “I have school-aged girls in my family. I know they often need support and encouragement to stick to competitive activities. When boys are allowed to compete with girls in their own sport, that is one more reason a girl has to talk herself out of participating.”

Opponents of [HB 1041] use “confusing” language like transgender girls to refer to boys who are being socially and medically treated to mimic members of the opposite sex.

“Just like these youth who are being characterized as ‘trans kids,’ I also suffered gender identity disorder as a teenager,” Cohn said. “We should have all the sympathy for these children and ensure they have appropriate treatment. But it is unfair to expect girls to cede their hard-won rights to make room for male students suffering from gender identity issues.”

“It’s astonishing that women’s rights groups are not lined up here in support of HB1041. In particular, the American Civil Liberties Union is strongly against HB 1041,” Cohn said. “The ACLU is supposed to protect women’s rights, not undermine them. Instead, women and girls must rely on right-wing organizations to support their interests. It is absurd and unreal that liberal organizations are turning their backs on women’s rights.”

“Somebody needs to stand up for women and girls, and I feel compelled to do so since so few members of the transgender community have come forward to support them,” Cohn said. “It’s ironic that people who identify as women will not risk defending women against attacks on their rights.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Biden and radical liberals did this. He mandated that confused men be allowed in female locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports. One of the first things Biden did when he took office was oppress females by telling confused men their feelings and privacy matter more. It’s great that women now have an advocate like this so they can fight fire with fire.

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