UPenn In Talks To Sue Their Way To Victory Over Lia Thomas

Talk About Poor Sportsmanship. The University of Pennsylvania has been allowing confused male Lia Thomas to swim on the Female swim team. So of course, they have been demolishing the competition. Thomas, who only started identifying as a female in the last couple of years, used to swim on the men’s swim team, but just never placed. But now that he is identifying as a female he is breaking their records. The NCAA noticed that they are not being fair to women (duh) so they have set new regulations that could prevent Thomas from swimming this year. But The Unversity of Pennsylvania is supposedly in talks saying if they can’t use their star male player to beat the female teams in the championship, then they may sue.

The University of Pennsylvania is weighing whether to pursue legal action if transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is prohibited from competing in the upcoming NCAA women’s swimming championship, according to a report.

A swimmer on the university’s women’s team told Fox News, “I have a feeling that if USA Swimming changes their rules, they will be filing a lawsuit for Lia to swim, but they wouldn’t do that for us.”

“That’s just really upsetting,” the swimmer told the outlet under the condition of anonymity, adding that she had heard about the potential lawsuit from “some of the administrators.”

Thomas is eligible to compete on the women’s team under current USA Swimming rules that require a year of testosterone suppression. Under new NCAA rules, transgender athletes will be required to document testosterone levels to remain eligible, leaving Thomas’ eligibility for the NCAA women’s championships up in the air.

The NCAA announced earlier this week that it had updated its transgender-participation policy to reflect the practices of the U.S. and International Olympic Committees. Under the new policy, transgender participation in a particular sport will be determined by that sport’s national governing body. If no such governing body exists, participation will be determined by the sport’s international federation rules. In the event that an international federation has no transgender policy, the American branch of a particular sport will follow the IOC policy.”

So of course the University of Pennsylvania doesn’t want to give up their star player. Using Lia Thomas is like using a juiced-up female. The only way women are going to be able to compete is if they start taking steroids. Thomas is not beating these women by seconds or fractions of seconds, he is beating them by laps. So it seems pretty clear that he would not be up to the reduced testosterone levels that the NCAA is likely going to require in order to swim against women.

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