Watch: Cuomo Forced To Face Nursing Home Victims Family, Too High-Profile To Ignore

This one has to be too big for New York Governor Cuomo to ignore. While the left-wing media have struggled to keep the Governors’ nose clean, there is just no polishing this mess off. Cuomo was exposed when his own aide came forward telling news outlets that the Governor had them hide the actual COVID-19 numbers from nursing home-related deaths. It was reportedly all in an attempt to shield Cuomo from the wrath of Trump.

Well, while thousands of families suffered under Cuomo’s failed guidance- one family, in particular, have made their woes known. Using new outlets and online articles, the death of both of Fox meteorologist Janice Dean’s inlaws has been picking up traction.

Dean, as well as her sister-in-law, Donna Johnson has spoken out publicly about the cover-up and how they saw first hand the shady dealing trickling down from Cuomo’s office.

Tuesday, Johnson addressed Cuomo directly after he made heartless jokes about the deaths, “You don’t go to a nursing home and die!”. Her heartbreaking comment was in response to Cuomo insinuating that nursing homes are just where you go to die.

“Our governor gets on TV and says such ridiculous things,” Johnson told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “I think the latest thing that has me so saddened is when he talks about nursing home patients, he acts like you go to a nursing home and you die, big deal.”

“You don’t go to a nursing home and die. It is people’s homes,” she stressed, noting that some of the assisted living facilities are rehabilitation centers and people of all ages are there.

Last month, the Washington Post reported New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “Look, whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home, it’s — the people died.”

“People died. ‘I was in a hospital, I got transferred to a nursing home, and my father died.’ ‘My father was in a nursing home, got transferred to a hospital, my father died.’ People died,” he reportedly continued.

“But who cares? 33 [percent]. 28 [percent]. Died in a hospital. Died in a nursing home,” Cuomo added, according to the Post. “They died.”

Johnson told host Brian Kilmeade that about one year ago, her father’s New York nursing home rehabilitation facility was in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. She noted that her mother was in a separate assisted living facility nearby and the plan was for her father “to get a little healthier and go join my mom in the assisted living.”

Johnson said one afternoon her brother got a call that her father wasn’t feeling well.

“I don’t believe the call led us to believe he was in grave danger and it was only just a few hours later that he received the next call that my dad had passed away,” she said.

“Having COVID didn’t even cross our minds and we learned that my dad had COVID when the funeral director received the death certificate.”

Johnson said that soon after her mother became ill she was sent to the hospital where she tested positive for COVID. Johnson said it was there that her mom became “progressively got worse.” Unfortunately, Johnson’s mom died in the hospital. Her death was not counted among the nursing home casualties.

In a bipartisan attempt to strip Cuomo of his emergency powers both Republican and Democratic legislators have worked together to take the ‘bully’ down.


Johnson said she has questions for the governor but on, in particular, she would like to see answered:

“I would like to know why he didn’t use the tools that President Trump gave him,” Johnson said. “He asked for the ship. He had the ship. It laid there empty. He had the Javits Center, it laid there empty.”

She also asked why Cuomo didn’t use any of the tools and aid that President Trump sent. He asked for them, but reportedly never utilized them. Johnson said she can still see the makeshift hospital set up near her home on Long Island- still empty:

“Why didn’t you use these facilities? I would just like to know why? What made you sign this mandate to send COVID infected patients to facilities that were not equipped?” she went on to ask.

“The last words my mom said to me was, ‘Donna I’m scared,’” Johnson said.

“I’d like to ask Governor Cuomo how would he feel if he had to live every day with the last words from his mother, ‘Andrew, I’m scared.’”

Dean is not and has never been, a political person. Not in her personal life and certainly not in her professional life. The accusations against Cuomo and her own experiences with how he runs his state during a pandemic is the only reason she’s decided to speak out.

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