Watch: Goldberg Lies To Defend Violent Terrorist Group, What A Bunch Of BS!

The left-wing media has been covering up for Antifa for far too long. Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the liberal ladies on ABC’s The View took it to a whole new level on Wednesday when they denied the existence of the group that has been terrorizing the country.

Goldberg’s denial was the craziest, thinking “Antifa” was the name of someone’s pet cat! Despite their claims of Antifa not existing, they still defended its mission. Joy Behar tried to downplay the group’s organization by claiming they’re “not a unified group like the Proud Boys are.”

That’s when conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin stepped in to set the record straight. “FBI Director Christopher Wray called Antifa an extremist group and anarchist in congressional testimony,” she said. Behar shouted back, “but they’re not as organized.”

Goldberg interjected, “No one has found Antifa. I thought it was a kitty cat.” Behar then asked, “Where are they?” Farah Griffin tried to explain that they do their recruiting online, but her explanation was cut off by the others.

Sara Haines then brought the discussion back on track by pointing out how Sunny Hostin often cites Wray when talking about white supremacy being the greatest threat to the country. “Sunny has brought up many times about the FBI Director speaking about white supremacy being the number one target. He also said – that same trusted source – that it’s a real thing, it’s not a fiction, it’s just not organized,” she said.

Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Goldberg still tried to make it seem like Antifa was nothing more than a conspiracy theory. She asked, “But it’s so odd that we have not – Where are they? Because they’re –” Haines reminded her that they show up everywhere there’s protests and rioting.


Goldberg then tried to defend the group, saying “If we go with the name… It’s antifascist” so they must be all right. No matter what they call themselves, Antifa is a terrorist organization and the left-wing media is complicit in covering up their actions. It’s time they are held accountable for their lies and denial of reality.

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