Watch: MSNBC Has Meltdown as Wall Street Journal Reveals Biden’s Mental Decline

The liberal media’s lack of objectivity was on full display on Morning Joe as Joe Scarborough and other panelists launched a furious attack against a Wall Street Journal article that shed light on Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline. Despite the clear and undeniable evidence of his “senior moments,” which have been catalogued for 96 weeks and counting by the Free Beacon, Scarborough was determined to defend Biden’s mental acuity at all costs.

Scarborough’s first defense was boasting about his own experience meeting with presidents, Speakers of the House, and foreign leaders. He tried to make it seem like he was uniquely qualified to judge Biden’s competency. However, his argument quickly fell apart when he claimed that Biden was “light years ahead” of all these other dignitaries. It’s a ridiculous claim considering Biden’s frequent gaffes and clear struggles with mental clarity, as even the Journal article pointed out.

In an attempt to further defend Biden, Scarborough declared that he was the best version of himself intellectually and analytically. He even dared to claim that those who couldn’t see this were lacking in some way. This statement is not only offensive but also completely out of touch with reality. Biden’s mental acuity is clearly declining, and it’s not something that should be swept under the rug in the name of political bias.

The panel’s excuses for Biden’s mental decline became even more ridiculous when Willie Geist suggested that the Journal should write an article examining Trump’s mental acuity. This statement is nothing more than a deflection tactic commonly used by the liberal media to divert attention away from serious issues. But it’s not just about deflecting, it’s also about attempting to do damage control for Biden. By trying to shift the focus to Trump, they hope to distract from the fact that Biden is not mentally fit to be President.

Even Willie’s traditionally more balanced approach has succumbed to the liberal media’s agenda. He joined the chorus of Biden defenders by suggesting that the White House’s reaction to the Journal article was negative and that Trump doesn’t “have it all together.” This language is not only dismissive and disrespectful to the President but also hypocritical coming from those who constantly claim to champion mental health awareness and advocacy.

The only moment of lightness in an otherwise angry and defensive segment came from Mike Barnicle when he chuckled in response to Willie’s question about the White House’s reaction. Barnicle couldn’t say it on air, but he hinted that the reaction was not positive. In other words, even those on the panel who are trying to defend Biden are struggling to come up with a valid defense.

The Morning Joe segment was nothing more than damage control for Biden and an attempt to deflect from the real issue at hand: his declining mental acuity. The liberal media’s biased and blind support for Biden is doing a disservice not only to their audience but also to the American people who deserve to know the truth about their potential President.


The liberal media’s attempts at damage control for Biden are becoming increasingly desperate and ridiculous. The evidence of his mental decline is clear and cannot be ignored, no matter how hard they try to defend him and deflect from the issue. The American people deserve transparency and honesty, not biased media outlets trying to protect their chosen candidate. It’s time for the liberal media to put their political biases aside and start reporting the truth.

I hate to break it to them, there isn’t enough airtime in the day to provide cover for Biden. No one is missing how feeble Biden is.

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